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March 1, 2006
In an announcement to investors, Corning (Corning, NY) said it expects the liquid-crystal-display (LCD) glass market to grow more than 40% in 2006.

Corning predicts growth in LCD-TV market

In an announcement to investors, Corning (Corning, NY) said it expects the liquid-crystal-display (LCD) glass market to grow more than 40% in 2006. While desktop monitors will continue to account for the majority of demand in 2006, LCD TV is expected to be a key driver in building upon the momentum gained in 2005. LCD TVs accounted for approximately 11% of all televisions sold in 2005 and the company expects market penetration to be approximately 25% in 2007. In addition, average LCD TV screen size is expected to grow from about 23 in. to larger than 27 in. during the same time period, accelerating the growth of the glass market.

UDC awarded patent on OLED displays

Universal Display (UDC; Ewing, NJ), a developer of organic-light-emitting-diode (OLED) technology for flat-panel displays, lighting, and other optoelectronics using its proprietary phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) technology, has been awarded a significant patent covering ink-jet printing of phosphorescent OLED displays, U.S. Patent 6,982,179, “Structure and Method of Fabricating Organic Devices.”

“This PHOLED ink-jet printing patent provides another option for OLED manufacturers in choosing how to produce displays using our proprietary phosphorescent OLED technology,” said Steven V. Abramson, president and COO of UDC. Today, substantially all OLED displays are made by vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE). The patent negates conventional thinking that small-molecular (nonpolymeric) OLED materials are not amenable to ink-jet printing.

Redlake and Geospatial extend partnership

Redlake (Tucson, AZ) and Geospatial Systems (GSI; Rochester, NY) announced a strategic partnership for exclusive development, distribution and support of Redlake’s multispectral line of digital cameras. Under the agreement, GSI will become the exclusive reseller of the existing product line and will assume responsibility for technical and application support for the products and its customers. Geospatial Systems designs and produces aerial and terrestrial surveillance systems for military and commercial applications

“The ability to offer custom-filtered solutions will open large opportunities in the machine-vision and medical markets as well as expand opportunities in the company’s traditional remote sensing and military market,” said William Kent, president and CEO of GSI.

Dalsa receives camera contracts

Next Instrument, a Korean supplier of inspection equipment for flat-panel displays (FPD), has awarded Dalsa ( contracts totaling $1.1 million for Dalsa’s next-generation electronic cameras, which are designed to image at very high speeds under low-light conditions. The Dalsa cameras will be “the eyes” of Next Instruments’ FPD inspection system, which searches for defects on flat-panel televisions, notebook personal computers, and liquid-crystal-display monitors as they are being manufactured.

Oak Ridge focuses on radiation detection

A new Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL; initiative will consolidate and expand its research and development efforts in radiation detection technologies. The goal of the new Center for Radiation Detection Materials and Systems (CRDMS) is to establish ORNL as the nation’s central national laboratory for innovation and development in the field of radiation detection materials and systems. ORNL is a leader in the technology behind radiation detectors that use scintillators-high-density crystal, glass, or polymeric materials that give off photons of light when exposed to radiation.

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Also in the news . . .

In response to the high demand for its new ZeonorFilm (stretched film) and its use in large LCD televisions, Zeon ( began a production capacity expansion at the Takaoka, Japan, plant of Optes, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zeon. . . . Flir Systems (Boston, MA), manufacturer of infrared cameras and technology, announced a series of Infrared Open House Events for 2006 throughout North America, designed to inform infrared users about the latest advances in the field. . . . Elbit Vision Systems (EVS; is acquiring Panoptes (Yoqneam, Israel), a provider of machine-vision systems for surface inspection of textiles. . . . RedShift Systems (Waltham, MA), a provider of thermal-imaging systems, closed $12 million in first-round funding. . . . eMagin (Bellevue, WA), a provider of personal display systems and OLED microdisplay technology, is extending its markets in Europe and Asia through the use of direct distributors for its Z800 3DVisor. . . . Powered by Renewables (PBR) of Nevada will partner with SunEdison (Baltimore, MD) to develop the world’s largest solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Nevada; the 18-MW project almost doubles what is currently the world’s largest PV project (10 MW) located in Germany.

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