Urodynamix, Timm Medical to apply NIRS to erectile dysfunction

Oct. 13, 2008
OCTOBER 13, 2008 -- A new product development and distribution agreement between Urodynamix Technologies (Vancouver, B.C., Canada) and Timm Medical Technologies gives Timm exclusive worldwide distribution rights for application of Urodynamix's near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology for the measurement of penile blood flow in erectile dysfunction (ED) patients. Subject to regulatory approvals, Timm expects to begin marketing NIRS ED products in the US in 2009.

OCTOBER 13, 2008 -- Urodynamix Technologies Ltd. (Vancouver, B.C., Canada) says it has entered a product development and distribution agreement with Timm Medical Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Plethora Solutions Holdings. Timm Medical is a leading manufacturer and distributor of men's health and erectile dysfunction (ED) products.

In exchange for minimum quantities and additional royalty payments of up to $100,000, the agreement grants Timm Medical exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the ED application of the near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) technology developed by Urodynamixfor the measurement of penile blood flow in male ED patients. Urodynamix and Timm Medical will collaborate on the product design and regulatory approvals in the United States and worldwide, and Urodynamix will retain all ownership of NIRS ED intellectual property.

Subject to regulatory approvals, Timm Medical expects to begin marketing NIRS ED products in the United States in 2009 via its approximately 35 member field sales force calling on specialist urology clinics. These efforts will be supplemented by an in-house support team interacting directly with patients. NIRS ED products will also be marketed internationally via an extensive distributor network upon regulatory approval.

Urodynamix's NIRS ED technology promises an objective, user-friendly and non-invasive technique to replace existing technologies for evaluating penile hemodynamics in male patients with ED and those undergoing penile rehabilitation following prostatic surgery. Existing imaging modalities for penile blood flow are highly operator dependent and are typically performed and interpreted by an experienced radiologist, the company says.

The American Urological Association's Erectile Dysfunction Clinical Guidelines Panel has noted that "new, clinically applicable instruments are needed to diagnose ED and to assess treatment satisfaction." Other methods of vascular evaluation, such as cavernosometry or penile ultrasonography, remain controversial due to a lack of standardized diagnostic methods.

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