Bio & Life Sciences Product Watch - Apr 10th, 2024
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April 10, 2024

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

HÜBNER Photonics proudly announces the next generation of the VALO femtosecond lasers. The new Tidal delivers pulse durations typically 40 fs at 2 W of output power. Due to the exceptional peak power and the integrated dispersion pre-compensation unit it is an ideal tool for nonlinear applications like high harmonic imaging, broadband terahertz generation, and nonlinear wafer inspection.

Master Bond is a one component, LED curing adhesive that meets ISO 10993-5 cytotoxicity requirements for use in medical device assembly. This system offers safe and rapid cures upon exposure to LED light. Learn how to properly apply and cure an LED curable adhesive system using a portable LED light source in this demonstration video.

New fluorescence-based life science and biomedical instrumentation requires production of increasingly high-performance optical filters with very high blocking (OD) and steep spectral edges that transition between high transmission and high OD.