LFW Product Watch - Jan 23rd, 2024
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January 23, 2024

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

SUPERLUM’s BLL OEM Ultra-Compact SLD Light Source is now offered with 850 nm SLD. It has up to 10 mW output power and 25 nm spectral width. This cost-efficient device was developed with OCT in mind and is equipped with UART control interface; it is designed to be mounted on PCB. An optional Evaluation Board allows for easy setup and testing. Meet us at Photonics West booth 4629 to learn more!

Thanks to its unique DPSS solid-state laser expertise and in-house diode manufacturing, LUMIBIRD offers a wide range of diode-pumped, nanosecond YAG lasers. All characterized by compact size, rugged build, high beam quality, and feature-rich configurations with energies from 50mJ to 200mJ and rep rates from 10Hz to 400Hz. A wide range of options for a wide range of applications.

Large active area InGaAs photodiodes segmented into four separate active area. These photodiodes come in 1mm and 3mm active area diameter. The InGaAs Quad series with high response uniformity and low cross talk between the elements are ideal for nulling or centering applications as well as beam profiling applications. Excellent responsivity from 1100nm to 1620nm.

SemiNex offers high-power 1550nm Triple Junction laser diodes, SOA and Arrays that are revolutionizing LiDAR designs in ToF and coherent/FMCW configurations. A minimal number of emitters helps to achieve long range more efficiently at a lower cost.

Explore our advanced optics and solutions for critical projects in defense, semiconductor, space, and astronomy. What’s NEW? Visit us at Photonics West, Booth 249, to discover what is next as we continue to grow our capabilities portfolio.