LFW Product Watch - Jan 18th, 2024
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January 18, 2024

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

Spectrum Scientific uses optical replication to offer a cost-effective manufacturing process for producing medium to high volumes of glass and metal optics with complex surfaces, excellent reflected wavefront, low surface scatter and high batch-to-batch repeatability. The process also allows incorporation of mounting or alignment features, reducing complexity and assembly and alignment costs.

The Hinds’ MicroImager provides quantified data when examining collagen samples, imaging myelin, viewing microscopic defects in diamond and analyzing stress in glass, film, polymers and liquid crystal. The MicroImager measures retardance from 0-315nm in a matter of seconds with a spatial resolution of up to 0.7µm.  Included Phase Unwrapping technology allows retardance measurements up to 3500nm.

LightTools offers a complete optimization solution for illumination optical designs. LightTools includes specialized features to help you quickly create manufacturable designs for backlights, light guides, and freeform optics.