LFW Product Watch - Jan 17th, 2024
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January 17, 2024

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

Measuring and controlling laser power is the only way to achieve reproducible results. The Ophir 120K-W Laser Power Sensor measures very high power lasers from 10kW to 120kW. The sensor features a unique, compact design with a 200mm aperture. It is designed to measure near IR, Nd:YAG, and fiber lasers in industrial materials processing and military directed-energy applications.

Quantify stress birefringence in materials with unsurpassed accuracy, resolution and repeatability. Our Exicor® Point and Scanning Birefringence Measurement systems are capable of measuring optical retardation at 0.001nm resolution with noise floors as low as 0.005nm. These systems are robust, dynamic and scalable to fit the demanding requirements of your application.

Bristol’s Wavelength Meters are utilized by scientists and engineers who need to know the exact wavelength of their lasers. We are excited to introduce the 872 Laser Wavelength Meter offering high accuracy, stability, and repeatability resulting in exceptional sensitivity to wavelength deviation. Stop by Booth #231 to learn more about the 872 Series and all our laser characterization instruments.

OZ offers a handheld optical spectrometer for ultraviolet to near infrared wavelengths. The design features a special transmission grating and custom coatings for exceptional sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratios. A touchscreen display and intuitive user interface provide ease of use, while a USB interface enables detailed computer analysis. An OEM version is offered for custom applications.