LFW Product Watch - Oct 18th, 2023
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October 18, 2023

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

Westech is a designer, manufacturer and distributer of precision lens components and lens assemblies for industrial, military and medical applications. We are committed to outstanding quality and value. If you use precision optics and are looking for superior service and internationally competitive pricing, Westech is the answer. Don’t pay catalog prices for O.E.M. optics.

Hamamatsu’s new lineup of mid-infrared LEDs optimizes your precise optical gas detection and measurement. These LEDs harness Hamamatsu’s unique crystal growth and process technology and offer higher output, faster response, and lower power consumption. Peak emission wavelengths range from 3300 nm to 4300 nm, and these LEDs now come in affordable ceramic and metal packages.

Master Bond EP30NS is a nanosilica filled epoxy system featuring high abrasion resistance. Independent tests demonstrate that this epoxy’s abrasion resistance value is significantly higher than that of a typical epoxy composition. EP30NS is also optically clear and meets NASA low outgassing specifications. Click now to learn more about EP30NS.

ODiate™ optical filter coatings are manufactured on our next-generation thin film coating platform and are designed to deliver a high level of precision, productivity and consistency of spectral performance. Discover how ODiate optical filters can enable high signal to noise system performance, low crosstalk between channels, and repeatable spectral feature placement for your sophisticated optical systems.

The Sutter NAN™ — A focusing nosepiece microscope designed for electrophysiology. The microscope frame has been reimagined around our highly-stable adjustable MT-70 manipulator gantry stands; this design choice allows for many possible configurations to match the ever-expanding applications in the field of electrophysiology.

The size is only 3.4x3.3mm, which is lighter and shorter in product application. The surface mount component (SMD) welding method makes the product easy to cooperate with automatic production, saving production loss and man-hours. At the same time, the built-in Zener diode has better anti-static ability, reliable operation and high efficiency. The various advantages of SMD packaged laser diodes are more in line with the mainstream direction of industry research and development.