LFW Product Watch - May 4th, 2023
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May 4, 2023

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

The Ophir PD300-MS Microscope Slide Power Meter delivers accurate measurements of light emitted from fluorescence microscopes. Measure power levels of high NA objectives, 5μW to 1W. Special filter provides low angular dependence, enabling higher accuracy measurements. NIST-traceable calibration allows for measurement of wavelengths from 350nm to 1100nm. Same footprint as standard microscope slide.

Hinds Instruments’ photoelastic modulators (PEMs) operate in the vacuum UV to mid-IR spectral regions at frequencies of 20 to 84 kHz. The PEM’s high sensitivity (10-6), high power handling capability and large apertures allow for polarization modulation in Astronomical Research, Remote Sensing, Materials Characterization and Research, Polarization Microscopy, and Pharmaceutical Research.

OZ Optics offers a compact, high resolution Optical Spectrometer for ultraviolet, visible, and near infrared measurements. The design features a transmission grating for maximum sensitivity and higher signal to noise ratio compared to products that use a reflection style grating. The device is easily controlled through a USB interface.