LFW Product Watch - Apr 27th, 2023
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April 27, 2023

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

OZ Optics newline of waveguide-based quantum entangled-photon sources with unprecedented high brightness. Compensation-free and self-balanced interferometric scheme is implemented to produce high-quality polarization entanglement and hyperentanglement. Aimed for quantum photonics researchers and industries, these compact sources come as plug-and-play devices operating at visible and telecom wavelengths.

Measuring & controlling laser power is the only way to achieve reproducible results. The Ophir® 120K-W Laser Power Sensor measures very high power lasers from 10kW-120kW. The sensor features a unique, compact design with a 200mm aperture & less than 1% back scatter. It’s designed to measure near IR, Nd:YAG, & fiber lasers in industrial materials processing & military directed-energy applications.

SWIR typically ranges in wavelengths from 1000nm to 3000nm. Improvements in light sources and detection allow for the use of SWIR wavelengths in a number of remote-sensing-based applications. Chroma produces numerous filters in the SWIR wavelengths and our filters are produced on high-quality/low-cost substrates that remain insusceptible to industrial, atmospheric, or astronomic environments.