LFW Product Watch - Apr 19th, 2023
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April 19, 2023

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

CASTECH has been a pioneer and global leading supplier of crystals, precision optics and laser components since 1990, now a proven expert on ONE-STOP ultra-fast laser solutions. Discover your innovative solution kit from our extensive product portfolio including laser crystals like Yb:CALGO, Yb:CaF2, precision optics like Grating, and laser components like Fiber-Coupled AOM, BBO Pockels Cell.

Join SPIE and Hamamatsu’s experts for a 6-part webinar series highlighting the newest optical technologies such as SPAD, UV-IR spectrometers, laser driven light sources, and qCMOS (quantitative CMOS) cameras. You’ll learn how these technologies enable next-generation markets and applications.

Master Bond EP21LSCL-2 is a two component, low viscosity epoxy featuring superb optical clarity and non-yellowing properties. Its superb electrical insulation combined with its low exotherm enables the epoxy to be highly effective in larger potting and encapsulation applications. It is a very good adhesive with low shrinkage upon curing and exceptional dimensional stability.