LFW Product Watch - Feb 15th, 2023
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February 15, 2023

Please enjoy the product content from our sponsors below.

JX offers transition-metal-doped YAG ceramics characterized by their large size (up to 6 inches), core and clad composite (Yb:YAG to Cr:YAG, etc.), high transmittance equivalent to single crystal, high dopant concentration, uniform dopant distribution, and various dopant options. The YAG ceramics can be applied to amplification of high-power lasers and other optical applications.

Designed with back-illumination technology, the new P16849-012CF InAsSb photovoltaic detector handles ambient temperature changes with ease, achieving high-performance measurements without the use of cooling. Available with integrated bandpass filters, they are suited for NDIR detection of methane and CO2. These detectors are RoHS-compliant and will speed up your manufacturing process.

Spectrogon manufactures infrared filters and windows with high transmission, high rejection outside the passband, while maintaining excellent coating uniformity --- for thermal imaging and gas detection. Our filters range in dimension from Ø6.0 to Ø200.0 mm with state-of-art dicing capabilities.

Master Bond LED405FL3 is a one part adhesive that cures rapidly and fully without any oxygen inhibition upon exposure to LED light at 405 nm. Thinner sections typically cure in 30-45 seconds, while thicker sections will take longer. It bonds well to a variety of substrates and features superb flexibility making it compatible for bonding materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion.

Essential for Military, COTS, and Industrial applications, Ultra-Miniature DC-DC Converters from Pico Electronics offer output voltages from 100-10,000 VDC, input voltages from 5-900 VDC, and power ratings from 1.25-300 Watts. Hi-reliability, regulated/isolated, programmable & adjustable. Expanded operating temperatures and selected environmental screening upon request. Custom models available. Made in the USA.

A.L.M.T. provides Cu-Diamond which has great thermal conductivity of 550 W/(m・K). It also matches CTE with GaAs-based laser diodes. Minimum thickness is 0.2mm, sharp edge cutting and AuSn pre-coating are available for the minimum heat resistance of stacked diode lasers. And, we offers AlN for fiber lasers and can also provide various thermal solutions with other materials such as Cu-Mo or Cu-W.