LFW Product Watch - Jan 25th, 2023
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January 25, 2023

Please enjoy the product content from our sponsors below.

Excelitas Technologies® next-generation Axsun Azmyth™ Swept-Source OCT Imaging Platform features a 1060 nm tunable VCSEL laser and high-speed driver to support OCT A-scan rates up to 800 kHz, enabling the capture of multiple 3D volume datasets per second. The Azmyth SS-OCT laser engine has a compact form factor for custom integration across a wide range of medical and industrial OCT applications.

The 150 W, 1480 nm Raman Fiber Laser Module significantly pushes the performance of Raman lasers designed for pumping EDFAs. The combination of the Raman Fiber Laser Module and the VLMA-Er Module targets emerging applications such as free-space optical communications and next-generation LIDAR.

Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioners offer sub-nanometer precision and high stability under closed loop control. Micropositioners with 95nm step size to bridge the gap between micro and nanoscale. New! QS-PLL™ AFM controller and Mad-Deck™ XYZ automated stage platform. Ideal for quantum sensing, metrology, photonics and advanced microscopy applications. Lead times < 60 days!