LFW Product Watch - Nov 15th, 2023
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November 15, 2023

Please enjoy the new product information below from our sponsors.

SUPERLUM’s BLL OEM Ultra-Compact SLD Light Source is now offered with 666 nm SLD. It has up to 10 mW output power and 8 nm spectral width. This cost-efficient device is designed to be mounted on PCB. It is equipped with UART control interface for a comprehensive remote control. An optional Evaluation Board allows for a quick and easy BLL light Source setup and testing.

HÜBNER Photonics VALO Aalto femtosecond fiber lasers have pulse durations of <50 fs and peak powers of >2 MW from compact and stable turn-key systems. With fully integrated group-velocity dispersion pre-compensation control the VALO Aalto fs lasers have very attractive features for applications in bioimaging, spectroscopy and micro-machining.

Pico Electronics, the leader in high reliability, mission critical miniature power components, offers a full line of Converters: 2V - 10,000VDC Output; 1 - 300Watts Transformers and Inductors. Surface mount and thru-hole models. Custom models available. Proudly made in the USA.

CASTECH has been a pioneer and global leading supplier of crystals, precision optics and laser components since 1990, now a proven expert on ONE-STOP ultra-fast laser solutions. Discover your innovative solution kit from our extensive product portfolio including laser crystals like Yb:CALGO, Yb:CaF2, precision optics like Grating, and laser components like Fiber-Coupled AOM, BBO Pockels Cell.

Westech is a designer, manufacturer and distributer of precision lens components and lens assemblies for industrial, military and medical applications. We are committed to outstanding quality and value. If you use precision optics and are looking for superior service and internationally competitive pricing, Westech is the answer. Don’t pay catalog prices for O.E.M. optics.

Our OMH-6700B Silicon and InGaAs Power and Wavelength Measurement Heads provide the flexibility to easily and accurately measure the optical power and wavelength of both fiber optic and free space laser sources from 400 to 1650 nm. These Integrating sphere-based sensors have the unique capability of collecting these two measurements simultaneously without the need for physical adjustment.