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Spectrum analyzer from Bristol measures laser wavelength from the visible to the mid-IR


The 771 Series laser spectrum analyzer measures laser wavelength from the visible to the mid-IR to an accuracy as high as ± 0.0001 nm.

Power meter from Radiantis measures power levels from 1 nW to 20 W


The PowerSense power meter can measure power levels from 1 nW to 20 W with a single detector head, with millisecond response.

Fiber-optic sensors are monitored 253 km away without amplification


Such sensors are useful for monitoring concrete and asphalt, as well as oil pipelines.

Mini spectrometer from Lasnix covers the visible to terahertz region


A mini all-IR spectrometer covers this region in a permanently aligned, drift-free device for real-time monitoring of collimated beams from any light source.

Spectroscopy camera from Horiba Scientific for low-light and ultrafast spectroscopy


The Synapse EM deep-cooled, EMCCD scientific camera is available in front- and back-illuminated versions.

Light sources from Labsphere are for use in calibration of cameras and sensors


CCS-1000 systems replace the halogen source inside a high-reflectance integrating sphere with 16 LEDs distributed over the visible and NIR range.

LASER World of Photonics China continues strong growth


Celebrating its 10th anniversary with exhibitors from 20 countries, LASER World of Photonics China attracted over 40,000 attendees to the Shanghai New International Expo Cente, March 17-19.


Spectroscopic studies on ITER fusion reactor walls use Andor ICCD camera

Spectroscopic studies on ITER fusion reactor walls use Andor ICCD camera


The laser-induced-breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) analyses will help ITER's maintenance in future.

University of St. Andrews and M Squared Lasers form partnership for biophotonics research

University of St. Andrews and M Squared Lasers form partnership for biophotonics research


The commercial agreement will spur improved detection and treatment of cancer, Alzheimer's

LASER World of Photonics—don’t miss it


Every two years, Munich hosts an inspiring international trade fair and a technical conference that together draw over 1100 exhibitors and 25,000 researchers and professionals in lasers and optics.


Fluorescence spectroscopy method charts protein networks in living cells


A team of researchers has developed a fluorescence spectroscopy-based method to study the behavior of proteins in living cells.

Global biophotonics market to climb to $59.7B by 2020, says report


The global biophotonics market was valued at $31.4 billion in 2014 and is expected to reach $59.7 billion by 2020, according to a new report.

Confocal microscope from Carl Zeiss allows users to achieve higher resolution


The LSM 800 confocal laser scanning microscope with Airyscan technology uses a multichannel area detector with 32 elements to collect light.

Pulsed fiber lasers from AdValue Photonics for use in lidar and spectroscopy apps


The AP-P-SF pulsed single-frequency fiber lasers are available with 1, 1.55, and 2 micron wavelength options.

Lidar vision system from ASC uses a Class 1 laser to illuminate FOV area of camera


The Peregrine 3D Flash LIDAR Vision System is a staring-array, time-of-flight light detection and ranging (lidar) vision system.

From Pittcon: TI unveils programmable DLP chipset for handheld spectroscopic analysis at 700 to 2500 nm


The near-infrared MEMS chipset will be used in ultramobile spectrometers and chemical analyzers.

Contributors to metamaterials, photoacoustics, and more win SPIE 2015 awards


SPIE announced the winners of prestigious annual awards recognizing outstanding individual and team technical accomplishments and meritorious service.

Party like it's 1965


The 1960s were famously a time of political and social turmoil, but they were also full of exciting photonics products created from inventions made in laboratories around the world.

Business Forum: For China, investing in photonics R&D is a very high priority

03/04/2015 I talked to Professor Qihuang Gong from Peking University after he gave an informative presentation at the 27th annual Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar.
Cornell CMOS-compatible mid-IR optical frequency comb fits on 1 mm chip

Cornell CMOS-compatible mid-IR optical frequency comb fits on 1 mm chip


The comb could lead to highly sensitive handheld gas sensors for uses ranging from atmospheric research to disaster recovery.

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