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GE handheld sensor analyzes pressure sores during hospitalization


GE researchers have combined an array of sensing and analytical capabilities towards monitoring pressure ulcers.

Discovery Semiconductors linear balanced receiver instrument has use in lidar systems up to 20 GHz


A linear balanced receiver instrument includes remote command and control software.

SWIFTS optically integrated spectrometer measures earth tides and earthquakes near and far

SWIFTS optically integrated spectrometer measures earth tides and earthquakes near and far


The stationary-wave integrated Fourier-transform spectrometer measures Earth's deformations to one part per billion.

DFB laser module designed to test subtleties of General Relativity

DFB laser module designed to test subtleties of General Relativity


Initial tests have been carried out in zero gravity aboard the FOKUS research rocket.

Secondary sources beamlines contracts signed for ELI-ALPS facility


Representatives from several partners signed the project opening documents for ELI-ALPS secondary beamlines.

Spectroscopy method clarifies molecular process of anti-HIV drug


A spectroscopy method can help clarify the molecular process by which an anti-HIV drug induces lethal mutations.

Does photonics matter to your state?


Knowledge is power. What could you do if you knew all of the photonics companies in your state?

Fiber Lasers: Mid-IR laser source is widely tunable for standoff explosives detection


Nonlinear frequency mixing of a picosecond fiber-based programmable laser and a tunable MOPA results in a widely tunable laser source.

Interferometry: Quantum entanglement physics secures space-to-space interferometric communications


Interferometric optical communications can potentially lead to long-distance laser communications in space.

Photonics awareness


In considering what to write for this Editor's Desk, I made a list of article topics published in the issue that could reveal a theme.

Low-cost optical sensor can detect, analyze gases


A new optical sensor is inexpensive, fast, highly sensitive, and able to detect and analyze a wide range of gases.

$1 test that uses gold nanoparticles can screen for prostate cancer quickly


A newly developed test screens for prostate cancer with unprecedented sensitivity, and costs less than $1.

Optical Coherence Tomography: Synthetic aperture OCT extends focal depth in biological tissues


In optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging, a high lateral resolution typically means a short depth of field or reduced axial resolution.

Headwall Photonics partners with Ocean Spray to test spectral-imaging agricultural analysis


Spectral imaging will be combined with machine vision to achieve the companies' goals.

Light-powered gyroscope has sub-millimeter dimensions


A team of applied physicists hopes to enable a new generation of phenomenally compact gyroscope-based navigation systems.

Optical Testing: Quantitative approach improves CGH alignment for asphere testing


Testing the form of a rotationally symmetric aspheric surface to be made in quantity is often done using a computer-generated hologram (CGH).

Microsecond Raman spectroscopy tool has potential in medical diagnostics


Researchers at Purdue University used a vibrational spectroscopy technology that can take images of living cells.

Business Forum: Best practices from Switzerland— Photonics and otherwise


This month I interview the husband–wife team of Professor Ursula Keller and Dr. Kurt Weingarten.

Standoff Raman spectrometer identifies liquids in gas pipelines


A standoff Raman spectrometer allows sensing from 2.4 m away at standard 2-m-height standoff pipes in the network.

Spatial light modulator business of CRi acquired by Meadowlark Optics


Meadowlark Optics has acquired the spatial light modulator (SLM) line of products from Cambridge Research & Instrumentation, part of PerkinElmer Life Sciences. 


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White Papers

Miniature Spectrometers for Narrowband Laser Characterization

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Moxtek ICE Cube™ polarizing beamsplitter

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Accurate LED Source Modeling Using TracePro

Modern optical modeling programs allow product design engineers to create, analyze, and optimize LED sources and LED optical systems as a virtual prototype p...

Tailored bar concepts for 10 mm-mrad fiber coupled modules scalable to kW-class direct diode lasers

In this paper, laser modules based on newly developed tailored bars are presented. The modules allow efficient fiber coupling of more than 320 W into 10 mm-m...

All About Aspheric Lenses

The most notable benefit of aspheric lenses is their ability to correct for spherical aberration. Spherical aberration results from using a spherical surface...

Technical Digests

REMOTE FIBER-OPTIC SENSING: Data in abundance from difficult environments

The use of optical fibers to measure strain, temperature, and other parameters at desired points distributed anywhere along a length of fiber opens up new te...

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Galvanometer-based scanners are an essential component in laser-based materials-processing systems; scanners are what do the work required to precisely shape...

OPTICAL COATINGS: Evolving technology produces new benefits

The antireflection, high-reflection, and/or spectral characteristics provided by optical coatings are an essential component of virtually all high-performanc...

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