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McPherson spectrophotometers operate with inert gas environments


The VUVAS extended lifetime deep and vacuum ultraviolet wavelength spectral test systems are designed for analyzing doped crystalline materials, deep UV optics, and coatings in the 120–350 nm range.

Laser bioimaging technique defines pituitary tumors with extreme precision


A laser bioimaging technique could help surgeons more precisely define the locations of pituitary tumors in near-real time.

SICK laser scanner includes 48 adjustable fields


The TiM351 2D laser scanner for outdoor-rated detection applications uses time-of-flight measurement to detect the presence or absence of an object within a user-defined configuration field.

Horiba Ltd. announces the death of the company's founder, Dr. Masao Horiba


Dr. Horiba established Horiba Ltd. in 1953, served as chairman from 1978 to 2005 and supreme counsel afterward.

Beam measurement tool from Cinogy Technologies measures laser systems from 320 to 1320 nm


CinSquare is a compact, automated tool to measure the beam quality of CW and pulsed laser systems from 320 to 1320 nm at up to 50 W input power.

More details disclosed on integrated photonics institute


New York will provide an additional $250 million to the IP-IMI and it will be headquartered near Rochester. 

New York-led consortium wins integrated photonics institute award


A consortium led by SUNY has been awarded a $110 million matching grant by the DOD to establish an Integrated Photonics Institute for Manufacturing Innovation.


Raman spectrographs from BaySpec have customizable wavelength range


Raman spectrographs for OEMs can be optimized for any excitation wavelength, such as 532, 785, or 1064 nm.

PG&O black glass panels reduce noise for LIGO


Precision Glass & Optics was chosen to manufacture and install four sets of 26 black glass optical panels for LIGO.

Microscopy, cytometry help make important discovery about tuberculosis


Confocal microscopy and flow cytometry helped to study latent tuberculosis and the bacteria's ability to hide in stem cells.

Theranos redefines point-of-care testing


I surmise that the secret behind Theranos' low-cost medical testing is photonics.

Picarro CRDS detects "alarming" level of methane emissions from fossil fuel sites


Methane emissions from compressor stations and gas processing plants were 36,000-fold higher than EPA reports.

Ultrafast terahertz laser pulses provide quick way to probe potential organic solar-cell materials

Ultrafast terahertz laser pulses provide quick way to probe potential organic solar-cell materials


NIST and NRL see picosecond-scale effects in organic materials from the terahertz pulses.

Add-on photonics turn smartphone into biosensor for pregnancy tests and more

Add-on photonics turn smartphone into biosensor for pregnancy tests and more


Small device could enable a smartphone to monitor diabetes, test for pregnancy, or monitor hazardous gases, saliva, or breath.

Laser sensor device is promising for noninvasive blood glucose monitoring


A newly developed laser sensor can monitor blood glucose levels without penetrating the skin.

Correlated light and electron microscopy examines cells two ways simultaneously

Correlated light and electron microscopy examines cells two ways simultaneously


Experiments based on CLEM are beginning to provide insight in biology.

Photoacoustic imaging shows that breast cancer tumors have different manifestations and forms


A photoacoustic imaging method for breast cancer detection has shown that breast tumors have specific manifestations and forms.

NASA Goddard delivers OVIRS spectrometer to optimize sample collection on asteroid Bennu


A spectrometer that will explore the surface of a primitive asteroid in search of water and organic materials has arrived at Lockheed Martin.

How to get a photonics education: 10 resources on where to go and why


Here's a list of ten resources for students considering graduate or undergraduate programs in photonics, and our interviews with the deans and other leaders of schools.


A mega-update on European biophotonics


If you want to take the pulse of biophotonics in Europe, the biennial LASER World of Photonics (June 22-25, 2015) event is the place to do it.

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