Nutec Components linear translation stages offer 10 different travel lengths

Nutec Components flexdrive-4 linear translation stages

flexdrive-4 linear translation stages feature 10 travel lengths from 50–500 mm and preloaded recirculating guide rails with loading capability in all directions. Screw drive options include recirculating ball-screw, lead-screw and polymer nut, and rolling-motion-only roller lead-screw. Available in stainless steel or black finish, linear encoders or other customer supplied devices can be mounted on the external T-Slot groove. Applications include optical testing, laser machine platforms, vertical Z-axis applications, metrology, and micromachining.
Nutec Components
Deer Park, NY

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Deer Park, NY/USA       -      NUTEC introduces a new generation of linear translation stages suitable for most positioning applications. This high value cost  effective design features three different screw drives and ten different travel length from 50-500mm. The compact envelope of 50x100mm with easily accessible external mounting holes and bottom tapped holes allows a multitude of installation options in any attitude. For installation, order with optional Toe Clamps for easy and quick mounting. The preloaded recirculating precision guide rails have moment loading capability in every direction and provide a stable platform with constant support geometry for excellent trajectory.

The screw drive options include recirculating ballscrew drive, leadscrew & polymer nut and rolling motion only roller leadscrew. In conjunction with the standard and high precision version, the stage  covers precision grades throughout the whole spectrum from low to high accuracy. The standard version is ready for a #17 NEMA frame size motor with #23 size and other custom motor interfaces optional, including both servo and stepper motors. The three LED sensors for home and limit sensing
are interconnected at the rear bulkhead with a DB connector.

The 3-sided cover is an excellent protective device with a labyrinth seal for normal, harsh, clean room or vacuum environments. Available in stainless steel or black finish. Auxiliary accessories can be mounted on the external T-Slot groove, like linear encoders or other customer supplied devices.

Typical applications are found in general automation equipment, semi-conductor fabrication & metrology; bio-medical production processes, optical testing, Laboratory and R&D, laser machine platforms, vertical Z-axis applications, metrology, assembly, micromachining, life sciences equipment, vacuum and clean room environments.

flexdrive-4 is designed and manufactured by NUTEC COMPONENTS, INC., a manufacturer of innovative, value-driven precision positioning and motion equipment distributed throughout the global marketplace. For more information, contact NUTEC COMPONENTS, INC, 81 Jefryn Boulevard, Deer Park, NY 11729


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