Phoenix Photonics multichannel polarization controller features programmable waveforms

Phoenix Photonics Firebird multichannel polarization controller

The Firebird "plug and play" multichannel polarization controller manages up to four independent channels simultaneously. Features include microprocessor-based control of each individual waveplate; USB, RS-232, GBIB, and Ethernet interface options; programmable waveforms; and a random scrambling option.
Phoenix Photonics
South Croydon, England

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Phoenix Photonics to unveil advanced multi-channel polarization controller at ECOC 2011

Phoenix Photonics, the UK based fibre optics specialists, will unveil a new multi-channel polarization controller at this month's flagship ECOC exhibition in Geneva which will give its customers a "plug and play" capability as they look to manage polarization issues in up to four independent channels simultaneously.

Phoenix (booth number 1363) will be showing the controller as the first product in its Firebird range of instrumentation equipment as it looks to further develop its offering to meet customer demands.

"At Phoenix, we are all about customers. With Firebird, we have responded to customer requests to provide plug and play instruments incorporating the already-successful Phoenix components and our modular approach will give us the flexibility to provide further developments as we move forward," said Phoenix Photonics CEO Dr Ian Giles.

The instrument is developed around the already-established Phoenix all-fibre three waveplate polarization controller/scanner. Its benefits include:

Microprocessor-based control of each individual waveplate
Easy-to-use PC interface - USB, RS232 and GPIB and Ethernet as options
All-fibre technology
Programmable waveforms - sine, square, ramp and user-defined
Random scrambling option
Optional channel count up to four
Benchtop or 19" rack
Front panel manual control option

Phoenix primarily provides optical fibre test and measurement instrumentation for the telecommunications and sensing industries. The company also supplies University R&D departments and research establishments looking to develop next generation technologies and solutions.


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