Hyperspectral lasers from Lasersec Systems offer pulse energies to 10 mJ

Lasersec Systems Hy-Lase hyperspectral lasers

The Hy-Lase family of lasers provides high-energy pulses with broad spectral output covering the near- and shortwave infrared from 700–2300 nm. Pulse energies are up to 10 mJ and repetition rates are to 10 kHz. Applications include hyperspectral lidar and long-range active hyperspectral imaging. Optional filtering allows eye-safe and covert output from 1400–2300 nm.
Lasersec Systems
Oviedo, FL


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The Hy-Lase family of lasers from Lasersec Systems Corporation provide high energy pulses with broad spectral output covering the near and short-wave infrared from 700-2300 nm. Pulse energies of up to 10 milliJoules and repetition rates to 10 kHz enable a variety of applications including hyperspectral LiDAR and long range active hyperspectral imaging. Optional filtering allows eye-safe and covert output from 1400-2300 nm. Designed for field use, the lasers comply with all relevant environmental MIL-STD’s.


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