Resolve Optics compact HD zoom lens focuses up to 450 mm

Model 330 motorized HD zoom lens

Measuring 87.5 × 45 mm and weighing <500 g, the Model 330 motorized HD zoom lens provides focus up to 450 mm throughout its range of operation for compact broadcast TV cameras, space-restricted machine vision operations, and CCTV applications. A f/1.8, 10x tracking zoom ensures focus throughout zoom travel using the company's floating cell technology. Features include a camera mount that incorporates topside and back focus adjustment and a customer-changeable rear cell for camera formats between 1/3- and 2/3-in, including 3CCD formats.
Resolve Optics
Bucks, England

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Compact HD Zoom Lens Offers Ultra Close Focus...

Resolve Optics Ltd has released a pre-launch technical specification sheet ( describing its new Model 330 - a compact motorised High Definition (HD) Zoom lens like no other zoom lens currently available.

Providing users with HD resolution throughout its range of operation - the Model 330 is half the size (87.5mm long and 45mm square) and much lighter (< 500g) than other comparible zoom lenses.

The high performance f/1.8, 10x tracking zoom on the Model 330 ensures the image stays in focus throughout the zoom travel by utilising floating cell technology.  The Model 330 is also able to focus upon objects up to just 450mm from the lens.

A novel design camera mount cleverly incorporates topside and back focus adjustment so that the lens can quickly and easily be set-up on any camera. A unique customer changeable rear cell enables the Model 330 to be simply adapted for use on camera formats between 1/3- and 2/3-inch including 3CCD formats.

The Model 330 Compact Zoom Lens offers an elegant solution for the latest generation of compact Broadcast TV cameras, space restricted machine vision operations and CCTV applications requiring the highest quality images.

Over the last 20 years - Resolve Optics Ltd. has established a strong international reputation for its ability to reliably design and supply OEM quantities of innovative lenses and lens systems that generate high quality images from even the most demanding applications. Drawing upon an experienced team of optical designers, Resolve Optics Ltd. has developed the rare capability to produce quantities of high performance, mounted lenses with the look, feel and quality equivalent to the best professional photographic lenses.

For further information on the Model 330 Compact HD Zoom Lens please visit or contact Resolve Optics Ltd. on telephone +44-1494-777100 / email


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