Can Laser Processing Advances Address E-Mobility/Electrification Battery Production Challenges?

An October 26th Laser Focus World-hosted webinar sponsored by Trumpf

This webinar was originally broadcast on October 26, 2023. 

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There are significant challenges to address as automakers race towards e-mobility. Perhaps the biggest being the efficient mass production of batteries. Since laser welding of dissimilar thins sheets has earned rising demand for battery electrodes connections, a defect-free welding process has to be performed on behalf of a closed-loop monitoring system. Even with laser welding’s accuracy, there’s work to do.

In this deep dive into the existing challenges and opportunities electrification represents, attendees will learn more about:

  • Process characterization and monitoring when welding dissimilar materials.
  • Optimization tactics for production environments.
  • What correlations exist between the output data derived from the implemented system and the physical characteristics of the welded joint?
  • What are the technological steps in battery manufacturing where laser technology is involved?
  • Why a robust monitoring system is essential to certify the product quality.


Caterina Angeloni Università di Bologna (IT) Department of Industrial Engineering

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