Deposition Sciences, Inc.

Deposition Sciences, Inc. (DSI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, provides innovative, highly reliable, durable optical and heat-resistant optical and magnetic coatings for aerospace, commercial, and military customers. Applications include automotive, biomedical, camera systems, mobile telecommunications, sensors, and R & D. Our exclusive technologies and custom deposition chambers offer coatings for the UV through LWIR.

DSI offers three coating technologies that accommodate the varied and often rigorous demands placed on thin film coatings. This comprehensive toolbox gives us the ability to provide unique solutions, higher performance, increased volume and more durability in our coatings. Our reactive sputtering process is highly flexible, with the capability to deposit metals, metal oxides, nitrides, mixed materials with fixed or graded compositions, ITO, and semiconductor materials. DSI’s evaporative coating chambers are used for complex infrared coatings. DSI’s unique aspect of the LPCVD process is its capability to uniformly coat all surfaces, even the most complex shapes with a high quality multi-layer optical coating. Known for our strong engineering services, we seek to understand your needs and provide creative solutions for real world applications.

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