How ESI Developed A New Cost-Saving Design Methodology For Laser Systems

Electro Scientific Industries (ESI), a creator of laser-based manufacturing solutions, developed a new, cost-saving methodology for laser systems involved in computer memory chip repair.

ESI discovered a simple relationship between a laser beam’s astigmatism, asymmetry, and extremal ellipticity propagating through an optical system. Validated by OpticStudio, this discovery enables a trade-off between astigmatism and asymmetry to create a round beam with sufficiently low ellipticity. As a result, ESI can relax laser specification requirements, reducing manufacturing costs of their ultra-precise micromachining systems. Learn how ESI proved this theory and its implications for laser design.


  • Why OpticStudio® was their validation tool of choice.
  • How modeling many scenarios in OpticStudio gave them confidence that their theory would work in the real world.
  • About the positive impact this development has on the laser design industry.
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