Optimization of LED Lens Components using TracePro Illumination Design and Analysis Software

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) used in lighting products and systems have become a global revolution, leading to significant changes to how designers build lighting into their automotive lighting, industrial lighting, digital signage, flat panel display, and mobile device applications. The advantages of LEDs over traditional light sources include efficiency, durability, lamp life, and the opportunity for sophisticated digital control systems. In parallel with the increased use of LEDs, advancements in computing power combined with the continuous improvement of illumination systems design and analysis software are stimulating advances in the field of lighting systems design. The result is more sophisticated products, design productivity improvements, and accelerated time-to-market. TracePro® is award-winning opto-mechanical design software for layout, optimization, and analysis of illumination systems. Recognized for its familiar and intuitive CAD interface, computational accuracy, ray tracing performance, and sophisticated analysis capabilities, TracePro adds 2D (symmetric) and 3D (asymmetric) optimization to the illumination system designer's toolkit.

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