The Daily Beam - Apr 23rd, 2024
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April 23, 2024
Join us April 25th at 2 pm ET for this webinar presented by researchers at Leibniz IPHT, who will unveil an innovative technique for precision deposition of thin organic semiconductor films.

Alluxa offers and manufactures high-performance optical thin films. All of Alluxa's thin-film optical filters and mirrors are hard-coated using a proprietary plasma deposition process on equipment that was designed and built by our team. This allows us to repeatably produce the same high-performance optical thin films in all of our coating chambers.

In this episode: a camera setup makes the vine to wine process simpler, a spectroscopy-based system IDs gases and chemicals, and a phase imaging approach images in unstable, dark settings.
The method combines a machine vision camera, laser line scanner, LiDAR sensor, and convolutional neural network.
Episode 5 of Following the Photons: A Photonics Podcast features Thomas Obeloer, international sales director at Element Six, which produces CVD diamond for optics.
Researchers prove interferometric imaging is possible even within extremely dark and unstable conditions where intensity fringes can’t be seen.

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What are the top 3 photonics technologies that interest you most for getting tips or how-to advice? Let us know.