Photonics Daily Insights - Apr 19th, 2024
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April 19, 2024
SURGE seeks to rethink and accelerate distributed additive manufacturing of critical structural parts by developing ways to predict part life at build.

For over 75 years, LaCroix Precision Optics has positioned itself as a customer-driven, world-class manufacturer of custom precision optics. Whether it’s producing custom optical components, depositing thin-film coatings, precision assemblies, or offering design support, LaCroix has the manufacturing capability and expertise to meet your needs.

The method combines a machine vision camera, laser line scanner, LiDAR sensor, and convolutional neural network.
Episode 5 of Following the Photons: A Photonics Podcast features Thomas Obeloer, international sales director at Element Six, which produces CVD diamond for optics.
Join us April 25th at 2 pm ET for this webinar presented by researchers at Leibniz IPHT, who will unveil an innovative technique for precision deposition of thin organic semiconductor films.
Part one of a two-part series on how to get a patent explains what to include in an application and offers advice on navigating the examination process.
Researchers prove interferometric imaging is possible even within extremely dark and unstable conditions where intensity fringes can’t be seen.
In this Q&A, Owen Price, project manager of target systems for QinetiQ, chats with Laser Focus World about its Rattler Supersonic Target Mkl variants to measure high-energy laser characteristics in flight—at supersonic speeds.