The Daily Beam - Feb 12th, 2024
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February 12, 2024
Spectroscopy is a powerful tool with a vast array of applications—and it can be used to protect the environment by monitoring and regulating air pollution.

HÜBNER Photonics manufactures high performance lasers for advanced imaging, detection, and analysis. The division offers one of the industry’s broadest ranges of single-frequency CW lasers, diode lasers, nanosecond and femtosecond lasers as well as tunable lasers across the full UV-Visible-NIR spectrum addressing applications from microscopy to quantum.

Join us February 13th at 2 pm ET to explore the untapped potential of deep learning in video microscopy.
In this episode, we cover an LED breakthrough that may regulate sleep cycles, how teleportation could be possible via nonlinear optics, and how gigahertz burst pulses could advance laser processing.

QCL operation is highly dependent on the injection current. Wavelength Electronics’ QCL2000 LAB touchscreen instrument delivers 2A to the QCL with noise of 1.3 μA up to 100kHz and average current noise density of 4 nA / √Hz, as well as analog modulation of 2-3MHz for laser tuning. This provides the stability and accuracy required for harmonic comb generation.

A breathing soliton laser helps researchers discover modulated subharmonics, a new state of nonlinear systems, which contains both synchronized and desynchronized signals.
While the focus at the show was on advances in research, technology, and commercialization, I’m taking some time first to consider the people and the community’s vibe.
Purdue University researchers merge optical engineering with cutting-edge computational imaging techniques—a spinning metasurface stack breaks thermal light down into its spectral and polarimetric components.