Photonics Daily Insights - Feb 6th, 2024
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February 6, 2024
Europe is now 16% of the global photonics market, but to maintain that position, it needs to get to work.
In this episode, we cover laser scarecrows that defend farms, an optics-based approach to boost high-res manufacturing, and novel perovskite nanosheets that could act as a laser medium.
The annual awards reflect the rapidly growing trajectory of photonics products and photonics-enabled solutions.

Indium Corporation® is redefining the boundaries of what’s possible with its Au-based Precision Die-Attach (PDA) preforms. As the leading solder supplier for critical laser, optical, and RF microwave applications, our PDA preforms offer the highest level of quality and precision available to ensure accuracy and repeatability during assembly.

Purdue University researchers merge optical engineering with cutting-edge computational imaging techniques—a spinning metasurface stack breaks thermal light down into its spectral and polarimetric components.
The three prize winners were announced on January 30th at a ceremony during SPIE Photonics West.
Join us February 13th at 2 pm ET to explore the untapped potential of deep learning in video microscopy.
Rosa Romero, CEO and co-founder of Sphere Ultrafast Photonics, talks about her professional journey and the future of the photonics business.