The Daily Beam - Feb 8th, 2024
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February 8, 2024
Compared to electrical detection, an all-optical ultrafast laser technique provides the resolution needed to explore electron transport within ballistic and coherent regimes.

SemiNex offers high-power 1550nm Triple Junction laser diodes, SOA and Arrays that are revolutionizing LiDAR designs in ToF and coherent/FMCW configurations. A minimal number of emitters helps to achieve long range more efficiently at a lower cost.

A breathing soliton laser helps researchers discover modulated subharmonics, a new state of nonlinear systems, which contains both synchronized and desynchronized signals.
Join us February 13th at 2 pm ET to explore the untapped potential of deep learning in video microscopy.
Purdue University researchers merge optical engineering with cutting-edge computational imaging techniques—a spinning metasurface stack breaks thermal light down into its spectral and polarimetric components.
The three prize winners were announced on January 30th at a ceremony during SPIE Photonics West.
Researchers in Japan unveil an optical technique to generate gigahertz repetition pulses with individual colors and shapes—with potential ultrafast imaging and laser processing applications.
What happens when you replace linear optics with nonlinear optics for teleportation? You get a new quantum transport method that doesn’t require a bunch of extra photons.