The Daily Beam - Dec 4th, 2023
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December 4, 2023
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Here are the top four photonics business moves that made headlines during the week ending December 1, 2023.
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In this episode, we cover how laser scanning aids advanced robotics, ultrafast lasers on the tip of a finger, and a tunable laser that controls material functionality.
Researchers improve soliton microcomb efficiency by 10x—and open the door to high-performance lasers for a range of other technologies.

We offer coatings on fiber optic tips, including broadband antireflection, reflectors, and our full range of filters. We use the same plasma-assisted reactive magnetron sputtering (PARMS) to provide durable and versatile hard-oxide coatings.

The 2023 Photonics-Enabled Cloud Computing Summit assembled by Optica took an aggressive approach to calling out the limitations of today’s current technologies.
The 2023 survey of Laser Focus World’s community reveals high job satisfaction and optimism for the future.
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The Dirac-vortex state, a mathematical analog of Majorana fermions (a.k.a. angel particles) within superconducting electronic systems, offers a larger free spectral range than conventional optical cavities—making it ideal to create single-mode surface-emitting lasers on silicon.
U.K. researchers discover the quantum mechanical interplay between vibrations and photons—which may demystify interactions between light and matter at the molecular scale.
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