The Daily Beam - Nov 9th, 2023
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November 9, 2023
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Let’s take a look at some of the tech introductions that are already starting to shape the future of the welding industry.
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U.K. researchers discover the quantum mechanical interplay between vibrations and photons—which may demystify interactions between light and matter at the molecular scale.
Currently in its 16th year, the annual event recognizes industrial innovation in photonics, honoring companies that are bringing transformative products to market.
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Predicting and preparing for volcanic eruptions is highly desirable, and a new high-resolution analytical laser spectrometry approach could be just the way to do it.
A photonic neural network chip has calculation times less than a billionth of a second, with the precision of conventional neural networks.
A new type of light-sheet microscopy provides a more comprehensive, distinct look than ever before at natural cell interactions.
A new class of integrated nanophotonic devices, based on leaky-wave metasurfaces, simultaneously controls all four optical degrees of freedom: amplitude, phase, polarization ellipticity, and polarization orientation.

Bringing vision to new heights with optics for space. Optimax has more than 25 years of experience producing optics with space-qualified cleaning, packaging, and contamination control for some of the most high-profile space missions.

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