The Daily Beam - Nov 8th, 2023
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November 8, 2023
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U.K. researchers discover the quantum mechanical interplay between vibrations and photons—which may demystify interactions between light and matter at the molecular scale.
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How can photonics light the way and play a key role in quantum computing?
Partnering with the right optical communications provider is critical to drive optimization and scalability of data center infrastructure.
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An ultrahigh-speed camera based on diffraction-gated real-time ultrahigh-speed mapping (DRUM) boasts an imaging speed and spatial resolution akin to expensive commercial high-speed systems, but operates at a fraction of the cost.
University of Oxford researchers show integrated sapphire photonic chips are a realistic prospect, thanks to the ability to write hundreds of waveguides in sapphire.
In this episode, we cover how spectroscopy can authenticate sugar cane, a surprising discovery in optoacoustics and fiber optics, and pseudogravity in photonic crystal lattice distortion.
The democratization of research tools has the potential to foster greater innovation, collaboration, and accelerated product development.

Bringing vision to new heights with optics for space. Optimax has more than 25 years of experience producing optics with space-qualified cleaning, packaging, and contamination control for some of the most high-profile space missions.

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