The Daily Beam - Nov 7th, 2023
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November 7, 2023
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How can photonics light the way and play a key role in quantum computing?
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Partnering with the right optical communications provider is critical to drive optimization and scalability of data center infrastructure.
In this episode, we cover how spectroscopy can authenticate sugar cane, a surprising discovery in optoacoustics and fiber optics, and pseudogravity in photonic crystal lattice distortion.
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A chiral quantum light emitter acts as a novel two-fer by generating a stream of single photons and also controlling their polarization state.
A new green laser based on coherent beam combining brings more to the table than its traditional counterparts.
Quantum phase relationships of photoexcitations impact the behavior of excitons—photoexcitations don’t always annihilate each other when quantum phases interfere destructively—and it can be tapped to influence molecular material design.
Researchers discover a security vulnerability attackers can use to selectively remove an entire area of LiDAR field-of-view, so spoofed signals go fully unnoticed by the system.

Bringing vision to new heights with optics for space. Optimax has more than 25 years of experience producing optics with space-qualified cleaning, packaging, and contamination control for some of the most high-profile space missions.

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