The Daily Beam - Nov 6th, 2023
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November 6, 2023
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Partnering with the right optical communications provider is critical to drive optimization and scalability of data center infrastructure.
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Contamination and the fiber fuse effect can have disastrous consequences for laser performance. Learn how to keep your optical systems performing at their best.
In this episode, we cover how spectroscopy can authenticate sugar cane, a surprising discovery in optoacoustics and fiber optics, and pseudogravity in photonic crystal lattice distortion.
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Identification, classification, and management of recyclable waste materials has become faster and more precise, thanks to a spectroscopy technique that detects different materials’ elemental composition.
Researchers in China develop fiber-optic tool based on engineered cells (FOPECs) for real-time sensing of neurochemicals at high specificity in a variety of animal species and organs—immediately after implantation.
Organic semiconductor-incorporated perovskites (OSIP) add both tunability and stability—and maintain the optoelectronic properties of conventional perovskites.
Using a photosynthesis-based model, researchers are working to better understand how light could boost agrivoltaics and clean energy production.

Bringing vision to new heights with optics for space. Optimax has more than 25 years of experience producing optics with space-qualified cleaning, packaging, and contamination control for some of the most high-profile space missions.

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