The Daily Beam - Nov 3rd, 2023
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November 3, 2023
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Contamination and the fiber fuse effect can have disastrous consequences for laser performance. Learn how to keep your optical systems performing at their best.
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In this episode, we cover how spectroscopy can authenticate sugar cane, a surprising discovery in optoacoustics and fiber optics, and pseudogravity in photonic crystal lattice distortion.
Solar cells inside a photovoltaic module can crack during hail events or other extreme weather without breaking the glass—which effects their power output—but a ‘PLatypus’ tool detects these problems.

Featuring unprecedented speed and resolution with four or two 16-bit input channels, 700 MHz input bandwidth, and 31 software selectable A/D sampling rates from 1 kS/s to 1 GS/s per channel. Standard 8 GB of onboard memory. PCIe data streaming rates up to 6 GB/s. PC Oscilloscope application and SDKs for C/C#, Python, MATLAB, & LabVIEW included.

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New work by a U.K. team demonstrates a new technique that enables a more detailed view of brain function, which could lead to more accurate and earlier diagnosis of diseases that afflict this complex organ.
University of Konstanz physicists in Germany achieve electron signals of attosecond duration—blazingly fast at five billionths of a nanosecond—and redefine what’s possible for exploring ultrafast phenomena with electron microscopy.

Bringing vision to new heights with optics for space. Optimax has more than 25 years of experience producing optics with space-qualified cleaning, packaging, and contamination control for some of the most high-profile space missions.

On-demand Webinar
If you missed this October 24th webinar, it's now available for on-demand viewing! Join us and COMSOL to learn the basics of plasmonics and metamaterials, and demonstrate that they can be simulated using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software.