Daily Photonics Insights - Oct 30th, 2023
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October 30, 2023
Editor's Choice
In this episode, we cover an AI-integrated camera for wildlife conservation, a chiral quantum light source that encodes information, and spin-optical lasers that hit the atomic scale.
Recent News
Here are the top four photonics business moves that made headlines during the week ending October 27, 2023.
In this Q&A, Noel Goddard, Qunnect’s CEO, introduces us to the company, their pure polarization-entangled photon pair generating technology, and GothamQ networking testbed.
Worth a Look
If you missed this October 24th webinar, it's now available for on-demand viewing! Join us and COMSOL to learn the basics of plasmonics and metamaterials, and demonstrate that they can be simulated using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software.
With the announcement, the co-founder and CEO of the European integrated photonics accelerator reflects on the two organizations’ progress to date and plans for the future.