What Machine Builders in the Laser & Photonics Industry want in a Precision Linear Motor Stage

Design engineers in the laser processing and precision automation market often put different things at the top of their requirement lists than their colleagues in the instrumentation sector.

Robustness may trump minimum dimensions and dynamic performance to achieve higher throughput which goes hand in hand with 24/7 reliability. Flexible network protocols, such as Ethercat that allows for real-time multi-axis synchronized motion and the capability of synchronizing with external events, are a plus when it comes to integrating the precision positioning equipment with lasers, machine vision, dispensers, etc.

Brushless direct drive linear motors provide advantages over leadscrew and ballscrew driven positioning stages when it comes parameters such as acceleration, maximum speed, accuracy, constancy of velocity, and avoidance of vibration.

A proprietary linear encoder provides for 0.1 nanometer resolution and consistent step sizes of 0.5 nanometers.

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