The First Industrial Blue Laser is CHANGING THE GAME

Apr 29th, 2019

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High-Brightness Blue Lasers for Metals Processing

Industrial lasers have demonstrated their value across a wide range of manufacturing applications, but basic physics has limited their effectiveness for processing “yellow metals.” NUBURU’s AO-500 500-Watt, 30 mm-mrad blue laser is already demonstrating unmatched performance for welding copper. The improved performance stems from the high absorption of blue light by copper, and also gold, aluminum, and other metals.

A new white paper describes the physical advantages of blue lasers, and also outlines the innovative design of the AO-500 — a design robust enough for the factory floor and reliable enough to be integrated into critical metals fabrication processes. The whitepaper also illustrates the laser’s quality, speed, and flexibility with a range of welds, including both complex geometries in copper and welding dissimilar metals. For this and more information on the proven advantages of the industrial blue laser, download the resource at the link below.

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