OptSim Circuit: A SPICE-Like Photonic Simulator for Scalable Photonic Integrated Circuits

The time for large-scale, reliable photonic integrated circuits (PICs) has finally arrived. Governments, academia and industry are all onboard to transfer the knowledge gained from decades of manufacturing experience in electronic integrated circuits to photonic integration. In addition to the favorable economics from higher energy efficiency, smaller footprint and lower cost, photonic integration is recognized as essential to national security. The role of photonic design automation (PDA) tools is going to be as indispensable to PICs as was (and still is) the role of electronic design automation (EDA) tools to the fruition of Moore’s law for CMOS over the last 50 years. This paper examines fundamental differences in numerical modeling of PICs compared to the electronic counterpart and explains the rationale behind the simulation approach OptSim Circuit has to offer.

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