Nanometer motion control — perspectives on supplier & technology selection and the formulation of new standards for verification of precision parameters

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Industry is driven today by the quest for the smaller parts and components often with sub-micron features, and more accurate, reliable, and repeatable manufacturing processes. Crucial to many exacting applications requiring nanometer-level accuracy and repeatability are best-in-class nanopositioning motion control solutions. This White Paper reviews the top-end motion control solution available for a broad range of industry applications in terms of accuracy and repeatability (the Hybrid Hexapod®). It also reviews what customers requiring nanometer-level motion control solutions should demand of and look for in their chosen supplier, and analyzes in depth a new methodology which for the first time allows levels of validation of precision hitherto impossible. This new methodology — Point Precision® — shines a light on the deficiencies inherent in traditional standards for motion control, and also highlights the confusion that some motion control solution suppliers cause by stating resolution credentials that have absolutely nothing to do with precision.

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