Vytran LLC

Vytran is a leading producer of innovative optical fiber splicing and glass processing solutions. The company’s product portfolio spans all-in-one workstations and stand-alone tools for fiber stripping, cleaning, cleaving, splicing, tapering, recoating and proof testing. Many of these core processes are used to create fiber-based components and assemblies for medical devices such as the probes used in OCT, image guides and others. Vytran also offers customers application development services and manufacturing consulting.

The cornerstone of Vytran splicing products is proprietary filament fusion technology, a proven method for producing high-strength, low-loss splices. New products also boast features to support automated manufacturing such as One Step Splice™ process software for ultra-simple user operation, and E-Splice™ capabilities for around-the-clock remote system access and data export for statistical process control.

Please visit us at www.vytran.com.