Eddy Company

Critical challenges in manufacturing thin-film optical coatings include properly characterizing the thickness and the index dispersion of the material. Eddy Company has developed a new technique for optical thin-film monitoring to gain more accurate control of the manufacturing process when making optical coatings. The innovative SpectraLock Optical Monitoring System features exceptional precision and a revolutionary ability to deposit thin layers using index dispersion enhanced monitoring (IDEM). The SpectraLock monitoring system ensures that multi-layered optical thin-film coatings match the optical design with ultra-accuracy and incomparable repeatability from the very first layer deposited.

Eddy Company has devoted over 35 years specializing in solutions for the production of complex precision optical coatings, including bandpass filters, beamsplitters, and lasers. The company continues its important work to provide intuitive interfaces and ease of operation for its precision optical monitoring products.