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3050 North 300 West
North Logan, UT

Ophir is a brand within the MKS Instruments Light & Motion division. Our calibrated precision measurement products include:

  • Power & Energy Meters: Ophir offers the widest range of sensors for measuring the power or energy of laser beams. When combined with a handheld meter or computer interface, they serve as high precision, calibrated measurement solutions. Measurements can be viewed on the power meter screen, stored on board, or sent to a PC for presentation.
  • Laser Beam Analysis: As soon as you need more information than laser energy or power, a beam profiler is the solution of choice. Especially when you design or apply a laser – or when you find your laser system is no longer meeting specifications – you need to know beam width or size, beam profile, or parameters like M2. As Lord Kelvin said: “You cannot improve it if you cannot measure it.” We are proud to have the largest installed base of laser beam profiling equipment – both camera-based as well as slit-based profilers. We provide solutions for laser measurement needs from EUV to THz (Far IR) and powers from nW to kW. Our patented non-contact beam profiling system, BeamWatch®, places no upper limit on the measurable laser power.
  • LED Measurement: Since 1979, Ophir has been developing and manufacturing innovative devices for measuring such characteristics of light as its power, energy, beam size, and beam distribution. Having secured our position as market leader for laser measurement, we now also offer unique tools for the LED luminaire market.