Opto Diode

Opto Diode, an ITW Company, is an industry leader in photodiodes, sensors, IR detectors, photonics modules, electronic assemblies, and LEDs, including visible, high-output, high-power, and near-infrared. Available in standard and custom designs, the company’s advanced performance, highly reliable photodetectors and sensors operate from the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) to the mid-infrared (mid-IR).

New products include photodiodes with integrated thin-film filters for unparalleled detection and superior stability in extreme ultraviolet environments. Applications include laser power monitoring, semiconductor photolithography, and many other scientific applications. Ask about our infrared detectors with a variety of packaging options: Surface-mount, two-stage, cooled/packaged IR detectors, single-channel TO37 can with integrated optical bandpass silicon filter, and more. Optical filter windows, daylight filters, and multi-wavelength package assemblies are also available.

Please visit us at www.optodiode.com.