Radiant Zemax

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22908 Cedar Crest Drive
Redmond, WA

Zemax Optical and Illumination Design Software
The Zemax product family, first introduced in 1990, has a community of thousands of users around the world. It is used in the design and analysis of optical and illumination design systems and plays a critical role in innovation. Thousands of products, from smartphone camera lenses and roadway lighting to Mars rovers, include parts that are designed with Zemax. The most current version, Zemax 13, was released in February 2013.
Zemax 13 keeps you ahead of the competition in optical, illumination and display design. Create new designs with speed and confidence using the many breakthrough features including seamless CAD capabilities, LightningTrace™, Roadway Lighting Designer, Illumination Wizard, Advanced Path Analysis, and more.
Zemax 13 also features industry-leading analysis, optimization, and tolerancing capabilities, comprehensive material catalogs, source model libraries, example files, and powerful programming and interface tools so you can design it right the first time.
Backed by 24-hour, worldwide comprehensive support every business day and no-surprise licensing, Zemax 13 has the lowest upfront cost and lowest total cost of ownership. Zemax 13 is the ultimate value in design software.
Radiant Zemax
World leaders in optics, lighting and display devices turn to Radiant Zemax for high-value design, test and measurement systems that reduce costs, lower risk and shorten time-to-innovation. Radiant Zemax product lines include Zemax optical and illumination design software, TrueTest™ automated optical inspection for display systems and ProMetric® imaging colorimeters, photometers and light source measurement systems.