Sensors Unlimited

Sensors Unlimited (part of Goodrich ISR Systems) provides the most effective solar cell inspection tools using shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging products that detect light where silicon is totally transparent. Our powerful, sensitive SWIR cameras quickly identify cell defects and variations, as well as voids and abnormalities in silicon boules, bricks or ingots before they are sliced into wafers. Using electroluminescence or photoluminescence, they also reveal non-uniformities, cracks and defects within PV cells and across solar cell panels. These tools are also effective with thin films and concentrated PV technologies, helping all PV manufacturers to improve yield, product quality and collection efficiency, ensuring their customers delivery of the maximum power at the lowest cost. System integrators use these tools to match cell and panel efficiencies and diagnose unbalanced systems, thus preventing hazardous installations. Get more out of your photovoltaics with SWIR inspection tools.

We manufacture a complete line of SWIR imaging and detection products for machine vision, defense, and industrial applications. Our innovative InGaAs-based SWIR products include high resolution cameras, high-speed SWIR linescan imagers, and more. They require no external cooling, use standard optics and lens mounts, and feature CameraLink® interfaces.