Measuring atomic steps using Mad City Labs SPM-M kit

Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioning systems with PicoQ® sensor technology are independently calibrated using NIST-traceable interferometric methods. This calibration can be confirmed using atomic steps in Silicon (111). Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioners have unmatched precision and resolution due to the inherent low-noise properties of proprietary PicoQ® sensor technology. The performance of nanopositioners can be demonstrated using atomic force microscopy (AFM) to image atomic steps. The following test demonstrates that a nanopositioning system with PicoQ® sensor technology (model Nano-HS3) has sufficiently low position noise and high accuracy to resolve single atomic steps in Silicon (0.312 nm). This is further validation that Mad City Labs piezo nanopositioners with PicoQ® sensor technology set the standard for high accuracy and lowest position noise.