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Guide to High-Power Fiber Lasers

Date 09/17/2015

Advances in active and passive fibers, as well as in pumping techniques, have driven fiber-laser technology to the point where a researcher or industrial engineer can choose from a variety of compact, reliable, low-maintenance systems that produce multiple kilowatts of power -- single- or multimode, depending on the user's choice. This webcast reviews the state of the art in high-power fiber lasers, describing their design, active materials, and properties, providing info to help the user find the right laser for the job.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Nufern and Ophir-Spiricon.


On Demand Webcasts

Understanding Polarization and Optical Coatings


Light is an electromagnetic wave, but, at optical frequencies, it is its electric field that interacts with materials, with the direction of the electric field (polarization) at times as important as its magnitude. The state of polarization can be changed by a coated surface. Although sensitivity of a coating performance to polarization is a complication that can lead to strange and surprising properties, nevertheless it is completely predictable, provided there is adherence to a consistent set of definitions and conventions. Sensitivity to polarization can be used to advantage in components designed to manipulate it in some way; polarizers, analyzers, and retarders are typical examples. Elimination of polarization sensitivity can be more difficult than enhancement, but there are techniques that can help, and polarization maintenance is a useful performance parameter that can be used in assessing the performance of a design. This webcast, sponsoredby Deposition Sciences, Edmund Optics, Moxtek Optics, and Optimax, will help the optical designer learn to manipulate the polarization of light to the best advantage.


New Scan Head For Processing With High Speed Lasers


A brief but thorough overview with actual demonstration of the technology and specifications of a new Polygon scan head with integrated Galvanometers to process at speeds up to 200 meters per second using high speed pulse on demand lasers in all wavelenghts.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Lincoln Laser Company.


In-Situ Infrared Sensing using Calibration-Free Scanned-WMS Laser Absorption Spectroscopy


This presentation, sponsored by Wavelength Electronics and ILX Lightwave, will discuss the range of sensing capabilities offered by scanned-WMS in the near- and mid-infrared and provide several examples of implementation by the Hanson Research Group demonstrating these capabilities in practical aerospace, energy, and health applications.


Wave Optics Simulations


An add-on to COMSOL Multiphysics®, the Wave Optics Module offers capabilities for modeling optical phenomena. The innovative beam envelope method is among the available techniques, and can be used to simulate optical systems with geometries substantially larger than the wavelength. In this webinar, we will discuss applications such as metamaterials, scattering by nanoparticles, directional couplers, and nonlinear optical waveguides. There will also be a demonstration and a Q&A session.


Mid-infrared lasers in remote chemical sensing – from stand-off detection to atmospheric sounding


In this webcast, Gerard Wysocki of MIRTHE will discuss the unique remote-sensing capabilities enabled by modern mid-infrared (mid-IR) lasers and novel spectroscopic techniques. Examples will include passive long-range remote sensing instrumentation and active stand-off spectroscopic sensors. Passive remote-sensing instruments show great potential for astronomy and planetary remote sensing applications, while stand-off detection using quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) enables sensitive and baseline-free molecular sensing of, for example, atmospheric nitrous oxide (N2O). Performance in the lab and in the field will be presented.

Please join us for this webcast sponsored by Hamamatsu Corporation.


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