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Confocal microscope from Carl Zeiss allows users to achieve higher resolution


The LSM 800 confocal laser scanning microscope with Airyscan technology uses a multichannel area detector with 32 elements to collect light.

Pulsed fiber lasers from AdValue Photonics for use in lidar and spectroscopy apps


The AP-P-SF pulsed single-frequency fiber lasers are available with 1, 1.55, and 2 micron wavelength options.

Lidar vision system from ASC uses a Class 1 laser to illuminate FOV area of camera


The Peregrine 3D Flash LIDAR Vision System is a staring-array, time-of-flight light detection and ranging (lidar) vision system.

From Pittcon: TI unveils programmable DLP chipset for handheld spectroscopic analysis at 700 to 2500 nm


The near-infrared MEMS chipset will be used in ultramobile spectrometers and chemical analyzers.

Contributors to metamaterials, photoacoustics, and more win SPIE 2015 awards


SPIE announced the winners of prestigious annual awards recognizing outstanding individual and team technical accomplishments and meritorious service.

Party like it's 1965


The 1960s were famously a time of political and social turmoil, but they were also full of exciting photonics products created from inventions made in laboratories around the world.

Business Forum: For China, investing in photonics R&D is a very high priority

03/04/2015 I talked to Professor Qihuang Gong from Peking University after he gave an informative presentation at the 27th annual Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar.
Cornell CMOS-compatible mid-IR optical frequency comb fits on 1 mm chip

Cornell CMOS-compatible mid-IR optical frequency comb fits on 1 mm chip


The comb could lead to highly sensitive handheld gas sensors for uses ranging from atmospheric research to disaster recovery.

Single-shot cross-correlator has >1010 dynamic range


Scientists have developed a single-shot cross-correlator (SSCC) that permits pulse-contrast measurement with a dynamic range higher than 1010.

Ponderomotive spectroscopy improves molecular and atomic studies


University of Michigan physicists have demonstrated "ponderomotive spectroscopy"--a new tool that allows them to study and control matter with 1000X better resolution and precision.

Spectrometer from SphereOptics can be handheld and identify spectral signatures from 350 to 2500 nm


The QualitySpec Trek handheld spectrometer from ASD designed for applications including academic research, quality control, material analysis, surface inspection, and classification.

Atomic force microscope from Bruker developed for integration with inverted optical microscope


BioScope Resolve atomic-force microscope provides single-button imaging and a quantitative nanomechanics package to map the surfaces of soft biological samples.

He-Ne lasers meet metrology challenges at PTB


LASOS developed custom He-Ne lasers for Germany’s National Metrology Institute, PTB.


IR pyrometers from Ametek Land come in 8 models with a temperature measurement range from 250 to 1800C


SPOT non-contact infrared pyrometers come in a choice of wavelengths. They offer Ethernet, Modbus TCP, analog inputs and outputs, and alarm contacts.

Photodiode from Opto Diode detects energy from 1 to 1000 nm wavelengths


The SXUV300C photodiode has a 22.05 × 15.85 mm rectangular active area and has a sizable surface for handling reflective scatter measurements.

Vacuum blackbodies from HGH Infrared Systems provide radiometric calibration over 3 to 5 or 8 to 14 micron


Vacuum blackbodies are infrared reference sources that operate in a vacuum chamber at cryogenic or ambient temperatures.

Video measuring microscope from Mahr Federal features image processing capability


The MarVision QM 300 video measuring microscope incorporates a CCD color camera with a 23-in. touchscreen PC and M3 software.

Cherenkov effect improves optical dosimetry for safer cancer therapy

Cherenkov effect improves optical dosimetry for safer cancer therapy


The Cherenkov effect can be measured and used in optical dosimetry to make cancer therapies safer and more effective.

NIST to offer laser-interferometric calibration service for accelerometers

NIST to offer laser-interferometric calibration service for accelerometers


NIST's accelerometer-calibration service will have a sensitivity of a few nm and can measure at frequencies up to 50 kHz.

Laser Marketplace Seminar: Morning Highlights


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