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Ocean Optics to launch spectrometer and microspectrometer at SPIE BiOS and SPIE Photonics West 2014


The QE Pro is a high-sensitivity, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer and the STS-UV microspectrometer is a compact yet high-performance spectrometer.

L-3 Applied Optics Center to present optical coatings at SPIE Photonics West 2014


L-3 Applied Optics Center, has completed coating 13 large optical elements with anti-reflective and highly reflective thin film optical coatings on various elements.

Navitar to debut bi-telecentric lenses at SPIE BiOS and SPIE Photonics West 2014


MagniStar bi-telecentric lenses have applications in metrology, flat panel inspection, curved surface inspection, and other imaging applications when greater DOF is required.

3D white-light diffraction tomography images without dyes


Champaign, IL--White-light diffraction tomography (WDT) needs no dyes or other chemicals, yet renders high-resolution, 3D quantitative imagery of cells and other objects.

Saelig introduces portable spectrometer


The GL SPECTIS 1.0 Touch Mini’s 256 pixel CMOS image sensor provides 16 bit measurements over a spectral range of 340 to 750/640 to 1100 nm

FIBER-OPTIC SENSING: Low-noise fiber lasers enable far-reaching optical sensing


The use of single-frequency, low-noise distributed-feedback lasers in interferometric optical sensing and other fiber-optic systems has helped extend their reach around the world and beyond.

ULTRAFAST PULSE CHARACTERIZATION: From femtosecond to nanosecond, laser-pulse measurement is all about the single shot

01/17/2014 Recurring misinterpretations due to the infamous coherent artifact imply that pulse-measurement methods operate best using single shot. Fortunately, such methods have recently been extended to pulses about 1 ns long -- filling ...

Mingle with executives at the February 3rd Laser Marketplace Seminar


San Francisco, CA--Don't miss your chance to mingle with laser and photonics executives at the 2014 Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar to be held February 3, 2014 in conjunction with SPIE Photonics West.

Photonics Products: Spectrometers: Imaging spectrometers examine the world around us


Imaging spectrometers capture enormous quantities of data in a 2D form that is relevant to areas from science and security to industry and art.

2014: The photon spark

01/16/2014 The list of products and applications "forged" by the creative use of laser technology is long indeed, from the circuit board and glass display in a smartphone to the high-strength steel making cars and airplanes safe...
Glass-based detector characterizes waveform of ultrafast few-cycle laser pulses

Glass-based detector characterizes waveform of ultrafast few-cycle laser pulses

01/15/2014 Garching, Germany--Researchers at the Laboratory for Attosecond Physics (LAP) at the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics, together with colleagues based at LMU and the Technische Universität München (TUM), have created a det...

SPIE Startup Challenge semi-finalists named for 2014 event


Bellingham, WA--SPIE has named the two-dozen aspiring entrepreneurs that are semi-finalists in the 2014 SPIE Startup Challenge.

Block Engineering enters into supply agreement with oil and gas drilling company

01/14/2014 Marlborough, MA--Block Engineering has signed a long-term supply agreement with an unnamed provider of hardened, field-based systems in the oil and gas drilling industry. Specifically, Block’s Mini-FT spectrometer provides for ...

FINGERPRINT DETECTION: OPSL rises to challenge of U.S. Army forensic work in Afghanistan

01/14/2014 While the use of laser-guided ordnance for military use is generally well-publicized, lasers—in the form of green-emitting optically pumped semiconductor lasers (OPSLs)—have also proven their military value as light sources for...

Fianium ships its 1000th supercontinuum laser


Southampton, England--Ultrafast fiber laser manufacturer Fianium reported shipment of its 1000th supercontinuum laser on January 14, 2014.

SPECTROMETERS: Off-plane EUV spectrograph aids plasma research


McPherson has developed a commercial conical-diffraction, off-plane x-ray Czerny-Turner (OP-XCT) spectrograph that can be used, among other applications, for plasma diagnostics.

(SLIDE SHOW) Technology Review 2013


Thumb-drive-sized spectrometer achieves subnanometer resolution

01/13/2014 Nano Optic Devices has developed a chip-based spectrometer that is not only very compact, with packaged dimensions comparable to a typical USB thumb flash drive, but also achieves the subnanometer resolution typically found in ...

Raman spectroscopy the focus of RamanFest two-day conference


RamanFest, an international and annual event, will be held on June 12–13, 2014, in Boston, MA, in conjunction with Harvard University.

Aveva laser-scanning software captures hydrocarbons facility as-built in 3D for revamp project

Aveva laser-scanning software captures hydrocarbons facility as-built in 3D for revamp project

01/09/2014 Moscow, Russia--Aveva announced that Burgasnefteproekt (Burgas, Bulgaria), an engineering company in the petrochemicals field, is using Aveva's Laser Modeller, laser-scanning software that captures 3D models of entire rooms and...

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