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Fiber sensor powered by in-fiber light measures gas flow at temperatures up to 800°C

Fiber sensor powered by in-fiber light measures gas flow at temperatures up to 800°C

06/26/2014 By fusing together the concepts of active optical-fiber sensors (which may include components powered by light from within the fiber) and high-temperature fiber sensors, a team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh (Pi...

Inrad Optics lauded with awards for R&D

06/26/2014 On June 10, Inrad Optics received two awards for research and developent performed under contract for the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office for exceptional contributions to advanced materials d...

VIDEO: Light sheet visualizes snow-swirl vortices, reveals airflow around large wind turbines

06/25/2014 Using a Minnesota blizzard as a visualization tool, researchers at the University of Minnesota (UMN; Minneapolis, MN) have mapped the airflow around large wind turbines -- information essential to understanding how wind turbine...

Michigan photonics group awards scholarships, adds members

06/24/2014 Mi-Light, the Michigan photonics industry cluster, announced the funding and award of $5,000 in scholarships to four in-state academic institutions and the addition of six new members.
Optan UVC LED technology increases lifetime and light output fivefold; target is spectroscopy

Optan UVC LED technology increases lifetime and light output fivefold; target is spectroscopy

06/23/2014 Crystal IS (Green Island, NY) has unveiled Optan, which the company says is the first commercial semiconductor based on native aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates.

Portable brain-mapping device uses NIR spectroscopy to assess PTSD

06/23/2014 Researchers at the University of Texas at Arlington have used a portable brain-mapping device to show limited prefrontal cortex activity among student veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) when they were asked to ...
Silicon nanocavity has high quality factor in small space

Silicon nanocavity has high quality factor in small space

06/19/2014 Physicists at the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (Lausanne, Switzerland), and the Universita di Pavia (Pavia, Italy) have created a silicon nanocavity that allows light to be t...

LASER World of Photonics 2015 expands exhibition space

06/19/2014 The 2015 photonics tradeshow in Munich, LASER World of Photonics, announced it will grow from four to five halls totaling 55,000 sq  meters. Held from June 22-25, the world's largest laser show also includes a scientific c...
Time-of-flight camera uses diffuse light to see around corners

Time-of-flight camera uses diffuse light to see around corners

06/17/2014 Scientists from the Universität Bonn (Bonn, Germany) and the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) have developed a novel camera system that effectively turns a diffusely reflecting wall into a mirror, allowing aro...

Plasmonic biosensor could detect glucose levels in saliva rather than blood


Researchers at Brown University have developed a new biosensor that, combining dye chemistry with plasmonic interferometry, can selectively measure glucose concentrations in a complex fluid like saliva.

LASYS 2014 product preview: Event to host close to 200 laser material processing exhibitors


LASYS 2014, the international trade fair devoted to laser material processing, is set to open June 24-26, 2014, at the Stuttgart trade fair center in Stuttgart, Germany.

Scanlab to demonstrate remote welding on-the-fly with online seam tracking at LASYS 2014


Scanlab, together with its subsidiary Blackbird Robotersysteme GmbH, will demonstrate its solution for robot-assisted 3D scanner welding.

Cinogy Technologies to showcase compact USB 3.0 laser beam profiler at LASYS 2014


The CinCam CMOS Nano laser beam profiler is based on a 1.3 Mpixel and 4.2 Mpixel CMOS sensor combined with a high-speed USB 3.0 interface.

Wood-derived cellulose nanocrystals form iridescent film for textile and security applications

Wood-derived cellulose nanocrystals form iridescent film for textile and security applications

06/13/2014 Researchers at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge, England) have extracted cellulose nanocrystals from wood pulp, then prompted the nanocrystals to spontaneously self-assemble into chiral (spiral-shaped) nanostructured laye...

Vulcan laser creates table-top supernova explosions

06/10/2014 The University of Oxford has used laser beams 60,000 billion times more powerful than a laser pointer to recreate scaled supernova explosions in the laboratory as a way of investigating one of the most energetic events in the U...

Light-driven biometric watches monitor glucose, pulse noninvasively

06/10/2014 Recognizing that health-conscious individuals are looking for ways to monitor their own vital signs and other physiological parameters, groups of researchers have developed two new wearable devices that use changing patterns of...

Photonics Applied: Optical Materials: Optical materials withstand assault from high-power ultrashort-pulse lasers

06/09/2014 By measuring laser-induced damage thresholds from the near-IR to the UV region, optical materials—whether metals, semiconductors, or dielectrics in bulk or thin-film form—can be selected that withstand the rigors of higher-powe...

Biophotonics in Boston


Turning photonics technologies into beneficial products is a mission that many engineers and scientists feel strongly about.

QinetiQ acquires semiconductor laser maker Redfern Integrated Optics


Defense, aerospace, and security company QinetiQ Group acquired Redfern Integrated Optics (RIO), a manufacturer of low-noise semiconductor lasers.

Business Forum: Holographic interferometry: A funny thing happened on the way to the Patent Office


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of holographic interferometry, Karl Stetson, one of its founders, looks back on his experiences with the important patents in the field.

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