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Low-cost phosphorescent OLEDs aim for near-100% efficiency

Low-cost phosphorescent OLEDs aim for near-100% efficiency


Jinsang Kim, a professor of materials science and engineering at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), and his team have developed bright, metal-free phosphorescent OLEDs.

Digital Surf acquires Image Metrology to strengthen image processing business


Digital Surf, which makes surface imaging and metrology software for microscopes and profilers, has acquired Image Metrology, a provider of nano- and microscale image processing software.

CARS method amplifies optical signature of single molecules about 100 billion times


Nanophotonics researchers at Rice University have created a unique sensor that amplifies the optical signature of molecules by about 100 billion times—and has potential utility in biosensing.

Nominations open for EPIC Phoenix Award (Entrepreneurship in Photonics)


The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) Phoenix Award is presented annually to a European company that exemplifies the challenges and merits of photonics entrepreneurship.

Lidar-equipped, light-carrying drones create optimum 'rim lighting' for moviemakers

Lidar-equipped, light-carrying drones create optimum 'rim lighting' for moviemakers

07/11/2014 Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT; Cambridge, MA) and Cornell University (Ithaca, NY) have created a photographer's and moviemaker's lighting system that includes a small quadricopter drone carrying a white-light sourc...

Michigan Aerospace interferometry system headed to International Space Station


Michigan Aerospace Corporation delivered a precision interferometric optical system that will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) via a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch vehicle in mid-September 2014.

Business Forum: The laser-focused society in the photonics community


This is the third in a series of interviews with leaders of our professional societies to give us a better understanding of the ecosystem
of our industry.

Microstructured Fibers: Superdots enhance microstructured-fiber properties and remote-sensing capabilities

07/08/2014 If the holes in microstructured fibers are filled with extremely bright rare-earth-doped nanocrystals (Superdots), the tailored-fiber geometry and bright particles significantly increase nanoparticle detection sensitivity in di...

Beam Characterization: High-power fiber lasers drive noncontact-measurement techniques


The beam focus of high-power fiber lasers can be characterized via imaging of Rayleigh scattering in air-an indirect detection method that avoids damage to detectors due to ultrahigh-power beams.

Confocal Microscopy for Industrial Applications: Microscopy reveals effects of micro-electric discharge machining on stainless steel

07/08/2014 Laser scanning confocal microscopy can be used to precisely measure the topographies of stainless-steel surfaces machined by micro-electric discharge machining to scales of 200 nm laterally and tens of nanometers vertically.

UV Lasers: Injection-lock technology fires 450 mm excimer laser lithographic engine


Ultraviolet lithography lasers with injection-lock technology use 50% less electricity and gas, enabling technically and ecologically viable 450 mm semiconductor wafer manufacturing.

The art and science of forecasting


In a recent blog posted on, Strategies Unlimited analyst Allen Nogee noted that 2014 total laser sales are looking up, and some of the laggard areas are starting to correct themselves.

Digilab, Insion enter U.S. distribution agreement for single-chip microspectrometers

07/08/2014 Sample prep and analysis tools developer Digilab and miniaturized spectral sensors maker Insionhave entered into an agreement in which Digilab now has exclusive U.S. distribution rights for Insion's ultraviolet/visible (UV/VIS)...

Lidar: Single-photon lidar yields rapid topographic and bathymetric coverage

07/07/2014 The primary technical goal of Sigma’s recently introduced, self-funded, moderate-altitude high-resolution quantum lidar system (HRQLS; pronounced Hercules) is to allow large areas to be mapped quickly while still permitting the...

University of Leeds terahertz researchers win 2014 Faraday Award


Professor Giles Davies and Edmund Linfield of the University of Leeds have won the 2014 Faraday Medal for outstanding contributions to experimental physics.

Single-mode hollow-core UV optical fibers well-suited for many types of spectroscopy

Single-mode hollow-core UV optical fibers well-suited for many types of spectroscopy

07/02/2014 Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL; Erlangen, Germany) and the QUEST Institute, based at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB; Braunschweig, Germany), have created and tested UV mi...
European SMARTFIBER project produces miniaturized fiber-optical monitoring system that can be embedded in composite material

European SMARTFIBER project produces miniaturized fiber-optical monitoring system that can be embedded in composite material

06/30/2014 Nanoelectronics research center imec (Leuven, Belgium), Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium), and their partners in the European FP7 project SMARTFIBER have demonstrated the first miniaturized fiber-optical sensor system than can ...

B&W Tek offers handheld Raman spectrometer for narcotic identification


This TacticID enhanced handheld Raman spectrometer has new functionality and safety features.

Fiber sensor powered by in-fiber light measures gas flow at temperatures up to 800°C

Fiber sensor powered by in-fiber light measures gas flow at temperatures up to 800°C

06/26/2014 By fusing together the concepts of active optical-fiber sensors (which may include components powered by light from within the fiber) and high-temperature fiber sensors, a team of researchers at the University of Pittsburgh (Pi...

Inrad Optics lauded with awards for R&D

06/26/2014 On June 10, Inrad Optics received two awards for research and developent performed under contract for the Department of Homeland Security’s Domestic Nuclear Detection Office for exceptional contributions to advanced materials d...

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