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Si-Ware MEMS sensors chosen for spectrometer-based soil analysis


Si-Ware Systems has had its MEMS spectral sensors chosen by Dutch Sprouts for use in its NIR portable spectrum analyzers.

MAP-2 second-generation NIST program accurately characterizes lighting LEDs

MAP-2 second-generation NIST program accurately characterizes lighting LEDs


For LED characterization, NIST has begun offering customers the second generation of its SSL Measurement Assurance Program.

CLEO/LFW Innovation Award deadline is Monday; enter now!


Deadline for the prestigious CLEO/LFW Innovation Awards program is Monday, February 23, 2015. Enter now!

Laser frequency comb in single-mode fiber can aid search for exoplanets (with video)

Laser frequency comb in single-mode fiber can aid search for exoplanets (with video)


A solar telescope can be combined with a laser frequency comb to allow spectral analysis of distant stars.

Squamous cell carcinoma (a type of skin cancer) showing different areas of ablation treatment (numbered)

Raman spectroscopy following laser ablation shows promise for cancer surgery


Researchers used Raman spectroscopy to distinguish normal from cancerous skin tissue following high-powered laser ablation.

Minus K announces academic vibration isolator giveaway


Minus K is again giving away $20,000 worth of patented negative-stiffness-mechanism vibration isolators to colleges and universities within the US.

Distributed fiber sensing systems could help industry unlock geothermal energy


University of Wisconsin partners with Silixa, Ormat Technologies, and DOE to measure geothermal properties via optical fiber.

Biomedical Imaging: Getting started with spectral imaging

02/17/2015 Many consider spectral imaging-which reveals both the chemical signature and the spatial structure of specimens-to be the next essential research tool. Starter kits make it easy to explore a vast array of applications, from mac...

Media for the long haul


I'm describing this tumult to help convey one important fact -- that through it all, the magazine and Internet entity known as Laser Focus World prospered.

Pulsed near-infrared light (red) is shone onto a tumor (white) that is encased in blood vessels. The tumor is imaged by multispectral optoacoustic tomography via the ultrasound emission (blue) from the gold nanotubes

Multispectral imaging method, gold nanotubes destroy cancer cells

02/16/2015 Scientists at the University of Leeds in England have shown that gold nanotubes can serve as internal nanoprobes for high-resolution multispectral imaging, as drug delivery vehicles, and as agents for destroying cancer cells.

2015 Prism Awards honor photonics innovators at SPIE Photonics West


Companies large and small from around the world walked away with top honors in the annual Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation Wednesday evening during SPIE Photonics West 2015.

Cryogenic optical-lattice clocks will enable mapping Earth's gravity via general relativity

Cryogenic optical-lattice clocks will enable mapping Earth's gravity via general relativity


Japanese scientists sync two optical-lattice clocks to one part in 2 x 10-18 for clock-based geodesy.

Keck Foundation awards $1M to Purdue for in vivo spectroscopy research


A team of researchers has been awarded a $1 million grant to develop in vivo spectroscopy imaging technology for cell and tissue analysis.

Ultrafast-laser pulses can cause nonlinear resonance 'disaster'

Ultrafast-laser pulses can cause nonlinear resonance 'disaster'


Researchers show that conditions can exist where optical harmonic generation becomes noninstantaneous.

High-energy Photonics: Positronium photons characterize gummy-bear nanopores


Using gummy bears, researchers in Germany have determined relevant gelatin properties using positron-annihilation-lifetime spectroscopy (PALS).

Business Forum: Joining research, teaching, and entrepreneurship to advance photonics


I interviewed Dr. Bahaa Saleh because he heads one of major optics and photonics teaching colleges in the U.S.

aBeam and partners nanofabricate 1.5 nm linewidth tools for metrology instrumentation


aBeam Technologies, LBNL, and Argonne National Laboratory researchers developed a technology to fabricate test patterns with a minimum linewidth down to 1.5 nm.

Point-of-care silicon photonics platform in development for early cardiovascular disease detection


A European team of reseachers has launched the CARDIS project, which will involve developing and validating an early-stage cardiovascular disease detection platform using integrated silicon photonics.

iC Haus replaces red (or IR) with blue light in optical encoders to increase their resolution

iC-Haus replaces red (or IR) with blue light in optical encoders to increase their resolution


iC-Haus has developed sensor chips for optical position encoders that use photodiodes designed especially for light from blue LEDs.

Piezo controllers from Piezosystem Jena consist of two types of amplifiers


The NV120 series of piezo controllers consists of two types of amplifiers that both supply current of 120 mA with a signal noise of <0.3 mV at 500 Hz.

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