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Process Sensors offers pyrometers with fixed focus optics


PSC-SR54N and PSC-SR54NV pyrometers offer fixed focus optics with small spot sizes, digital RS485 communication interface, and analog 4–20 mA output.

Mahr Federal optical surface measurement systems deliver subnanometer resolution


Two new optical surface measuring systems provide non-contact 3D scanning and evaluation of surface details with subnanometer resolution.

Spectroscopy techniques assist in revealing how potential HIV drug destroys the virus

08/01/2014 Building on 15 years of work, a team of researchers used advanced spectroscopy techniques to help them determine the mechanism behind the action of the HIV drug they developed, which they believe could help them develop better ...

A new ChemCam, SuperCam, will be headed to Mars


A new incarnation of the ChemCam spectroscopy system that has been exploring Martian rocks aboard the Curiosity Rover will be headed to the Red Planet as part of NASA's Mars 2020 mission.


Business Forum: Collaboration is key to success in biophotonics


The juncture of higher education and entrepreneurship is especially relevant in biophotonics. Prof. David R. Walt discusses these two universes and how they mutually benefit each other.

When optically pumped from afar, tiny rhodamine-doped lasing domes serve as remote wall-mounted temperature sensors

07/31/2014 Two researchers at the Microsystems Research Laboratory of Southern Methodist University (Dallas, Texas) have created very small (110-μm-diameter) dome-shaped doped optical resonators that, when optically pumped remotely by a Q...

When costs drop, lidar will be for everyone

07/30/2014 According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, lidar will be the great enabler of new capabilities in cars, including, of course, driverless cars. Price is the largest barrier, with the 64-laser unit 360-degree scanning li...
NIST/Caltech demo first all-optical control on 'comb on a chip' atomic clock

NIST/Caltech demo first all-optical control on 'comb on a chip' atomic clock

07/30/2014 Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST; Boulder, CO) and California Institute of Technology (Caltech; Pasadena, CA) have reported the first all-optical control of a silicon-chip-based microres...
NASA MEMS microshutter technology improves, might be used for automotive lidar

NASA MEMS microshutter technology improves, might be used for automotive lidar

07/29/2014 A NASA team led by principal investigator Harvey Moseley, a scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) has demonstrated that electrostatically actuated microshutter arrays are as functional as the current t...

Conference Preview: Strategies in Biophotonics to meld technology development and commercialization themes

07/29/2014 Strategies in Biophotonics is a two-and-a-half-day event that will include keynotes, conference sessions, and an exhibition. Point-of-care medical technology -- a burgeoning field that offers potentially huge business opportuni...

Fiber-optic spectrograph enables Google street view of galaxies


A new instrument based on bundles of optical fibers is giving Australian astronomers the first 'Google street view' of the cosmos--incredibly detailed views of huge numbers of galaxies.

Hooked onto glasses, small optical pupillometer aims to to detect diabetic autonomic neuropathy sooner

Hooked onto glasses, small optical pupillometer aims to detect diabetic autonomic neuropathy sooner

07/28/2014 A group of Taiwanese researchers has developed a wearable optical pupillometer that can automatically detect an early complication of diabetes (autonomic neuropathy, or damage to the involuntary nervous system) sooner, when it ...

Point-by-point UV exposure makes optimum fiber-optic long-period gratings


Researchers at Cranfield University have developed a process to reproducibly fabricate long-period gratings (LPGs) with phase-matching at the turning point.

Strategies in Biophotonics announces keynote speaker lineup


The impressive keynote speaker lineup for Strategies in Biophotonics includes Robert S. Langer, Greg Olsen, Gregory Altshuler, and Aydogan Ozcan.

Raman technique could lead to much higher-speed cell and tissue imaging

07/22/2014 A research team from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), working with the Cleveland Clinic, has demonstrated a dramatically improved technique for analyzing biological cells and tissues based on character...

Fluorescence-based biosensor can diagnose Type 1 diabetes at low cost

07/22/2014 Researchers have developed a fluorescence- and microchip-based biosensor device for diagnosing Type 1 diabetes that could improve patient care worldwide and help researchers better understand the disease. What's more, the ...

Tabletop femtosecond laser system takes movies of acetylene as it isomerizes

07/21/2014 François Légaré's team at the INRS Énergie Matériaux Télécommunications Research Centre Montreal, Quebec, Canada) has taken a high-resolution molecular movie of a chemical reaction with a spatial and temporal resolution greatly...
Lasing plasmon nanocavity sensor detects explosives at the sub-part-per-billion level

Lasing plasmon nanocavity sensor detects explosives at the sub-part-per-billion level

07/20/2014 A team of researchers led by Xiang Zhang, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, has created a lasing plasmon explosives-sniffing nanosensor that is free of metal losses and operates at a...
Lighting lab setup predicts level of driver discomfort caused by LED streetlights

Lighting lab setup predicts level of driver discomfort caused by LED streetlights

07/18/2014 A team of researchers from China and the Netherlands has developed a way to evaluate the human impact of uncomfortable glare caused by LED road lighting.
Gigahertz-rate laser oscillator could replace quartz oscillators for wristwatches, other devices

Gigahertz-rate laser oscillator could replace quartz oscillators for wristwatches, other devices

07/18/2014 Researchers in the Caltech laboratory of Kerry Vahala, a Caltech professor, have developed a method to stabilize microwave signals in the gigahertz range using a pair of laser beams as the reference, in lieu of a crystal.

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Narrow-line fiber-coupled modules for DPAL pumping

A new series of fiber coupled diode laser modules optimized for DPAL pumping is presented, featuring greater than 400W from a 600µm core fiber of 0.22NA. Add...

Accurate LED Source Modeling Using TracePro

Modern optical modeling programs allow product design engineers to create, analyze, and optimize LED sources and LED optical systems as a virtual prototype p...

Optical Isolators Improve Engraving Performance of Pulsed Fiber Lasers

The deleterious effects of back reflections on pulsed fiber lasers used in marking and engraving are well-known. This paper looks at some of those conditions...

Scalable and modular diode laser architecture for fiber coupling that combines high-power, high-brightness, and low weight

The demand for high-power and high-brightness fiber coupled diode laser devices is mainly driven by applications for solid-state laser pumping and materials ...

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ADHESIVES, SEALANTS, AND COATINGS: Solutions for optical technologies

A vast array of optical systems of various types and degrees of complexity require the use of adhesives, encapsulants, and other curing compounds for assembl...

WAVELENGTH-SWEPT LASERS: Dispersion-tuned fiber laser sweeps over a 140 nm range for OCT

By eliminating the use of mechanical tunable filters and instead tuning by intensity-modulation in a highly dispersive laser cavity, a fiber laser sweeps a 1...

Keeping pace with developments in photonic materials research

For demanding or custom spectroscopy solutions, care must be taken in selecting and integrating a number of critical electro-optical components. Development ...

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