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Business Forum: Integrating photonics with electronics

05/02/2014 In this issue I interview Dr. Alex Fang, founder and CEO of Aurrion in Santa Barbara, CA. I do so because integrating photonic and electronic circuits gets photonics onto the same playing field as electronics in the digital age...

Optofluidics: Optofluidics and the next generation of health-care engineering


Instruments that can do medical diagnoses at home or other places far from hospitals are the wave of the future. Optofluidic devices, some of which can be used with smartphones, have a part to play in this future.

Spectroscopy: Ground-based VUV spectrometer supports satellite studies of planetary atmospheres


A vacuum-ultraviolet spectrometer supports development of improved absorption cell photometers to measure gas isotope ratios that hold clues to the history and future of planetary atmospheric evolution.

Research priorities

05/01/2014 To understand the emerging framework for photonics R&D priorities in the U.S., I urge you to review the recommendations of the Fast-Track Action Committee on Optics and Photonics (FTAC-OP), just released by the National Sci...

Laser Science in China: A rich history of photonics research continues to bear fruit at SIOM


Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics has pioneered advances in high-power lasers, high-field laser physics, and quantum optics.

CLEO/Laser Focus World 2014 Innovation Awards

05/01/2014 The 2014 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Awards program, sponsored by Laser Focus World and the Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), honors the most timely, groundbreaking products in the field of photonics and las...
Princeton Instruments IsoPlane Spectrometer detects distortion-free extinction spectrum of nanoparticles

Princeton Instruments IsoPlane Spectrometer detects distortion-free extinction spectrum of nanoparticles

05/01/2014 Princeton Instruments, which makes low-light imaging and spectroscopic instruments, has highlighted the recent work of Saulius Juodkazis, professor of nanophotonics at Swinburne University of Technology (Swinburne, Australia), ...

Imaging Spectrometers: Handheld imaging spectrometer locates nuclear radiation

05/01/2014 H3D (Ann Arbor, MI), a spinout from the University of Michigan (also in Ann Arbor), has commercialized a lightweight (9 lb) handheld radiation camera called Polaris-H, a compact imaging spectrometer that can not only identify t...

Terahertz Imaging: Terahertz microprobes inspect laser-welded polymers

05/01/2014 For laser-welded polymers, final inspection of the weld is often associated with the costly destruction of the product since current nondestructive testing methods such as optical microscopy (based on light from the visible or ...

Headwall granted USDA license for spectral poultry inspection


Spectral imaging solutions company Headwall Photonics completed an exclusive licensing agreement with the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) for patents related to the in-line inspection of poultry.

BeamWatch provides noncontact laser profiling up to 100 kW


Traditional approaches that measure the consistency and quality of laser beam profiles are limited in the upper range of power measurement because those methods require intrusion of the beam.

Thorlabs opens fiber-optic manufacturing and R&D center in Montreal, Canada

04/30/2014 Thorlabs added a new R&D and manufacturing site to its global operations; based in Montreal, Canada, Thorlabs Canada ULC will focus on the development and production of a range of passive fiber-based optical components.

Beckman Coulter buys cytometer maker Xitogen


Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has agreed to acquire flow cytometer developer Xitogen Technologies.

Self-driving cars take to city streets thanks to improved sensors and software


Google is slowly improving its optoelectronic sensor-based self-driving automobiles to be better adapted to the complex demands of city streets.

Optics, imaging technologies on trend for SPIE DSS 2014

04/29/2014 At SPIE Defense, Security+Sensing (DSS) 2014, an expected crowd of 6000 attendees will have the chance to interact with more than 450 suppliers of precision optics, lasers, sensors, optical materials, infrared (IR) imaging, opt...

Gooch & Housego MINERVA project wins SPIE Photonics Europe village award


The Gooch & Housego-led MINERVA infrared spectroscopy project has won a 1500€ prize at SPIE's recent Photonics Europe conference in Brussels.

Duma Optronics to showcase position and power measuring device at SPIE DSS 2014


The SpotOn Mobile position and power measurement device attachment comprises a sensor head with built-in electronics to enable display of measurements on the Nexus 7 tablet.

Flow cytometry able to follow a protein's travel inside cells for improved cancer therapy

04/28/2014 Virginia Tech researchers have developed a flow cytometry-based technique that detects the subcellular location of a protein, which could allow a simple and improved method for studying effectiveness of therapies for disease, i...

Daylight Solutions wins 2014 CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award


CLEO: 2014 co-sponsors APS, IEEE Photonics Society, and OSA, along with Laser Focus World, have named Daylight Solutions as the winner of this year’s CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award.

Strategies Unlimited celebrates 35 years of photonics market research


Photonics industry market analysis firm Strategies Unlimited proudly celebrates 35 years of service producing multi-client market research reports on photonics-related subjects.

Featured Laser Videos


Opportunities in the Mid-IR

The technology for exploiting the mid-IR is developing rapidly:  it includes quantum-cascade lasers and other sources, spectroscopic instruments of many...

Fiber Optic Sensors – Fundamentals, Principles and Applications

In this webcast, sponsored by Nufern, we focus on optical fiber sensing technology.  Fundamental concepts will be presented first, followed by the under...

Infinite Possibilities – Easily Combining Scanner and Servo Motion

High precision motion control applications such as laser micromachining, 2-photon polymerization, glass panel and film patterning, and additive manufacturing...

Solutions in Search of Problems: What Spectroscopy Can Do for You

Spectroscopy is so pervasive that most of us take it for granted. We use it for routine laboratory and test measurements without appreciating how those same ...

White Papers

Scalable and modular diode laser architecture for fiber coupling that combines high-power, high-brightness, and low weight

The demand for high-power and high-brightness fiber coupled diode laser devices is mainly driven by applications for solid-state laser pumping and materials ...

Miniature Spectrometers for Narrowband Laser Characterization

In less than 60 years, lasers have transformed from the imagined “ray gun” of science fiction into everyday reality. Used everywhere from bar code scanners t...

Ultra-narrowband optical bandpass filters with large format and improved temperature stability

Hard coated ultra-narrowband optical filters made using modern plasma processes offer much improved transmission, temperature stability and out of band block...

Moxtek ICE Cube™ polarizing beamsplitter

The Moxtek ICE CubeTM polarizing beamsplitter (PBS) product performance is compared to a MacNeille PBS cube.  Cube beamsplitters are found in a variety ...

Technical Digests

HIGH-ENERGY LASER COATINGS: Eliminating laser damage proactively

High-power and high-energy thin-film antireflection coatings for laser optics require careful design and manufacture to enable the coatings to survive the ve...
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LIBS -- spectroscopy for remote identification of materials

Laser-induced-breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) uses a pulsed laser to vaporize a small sample of a specimen, which is then spectrally measured. But it only take...
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Laser Tools for Materials Processing

Laser materials processing requires not only the appropriate industrial laser system, but also a host of “tools” to ensure that the laser beam is delivered t...
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