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Spectrometer from Ocean Optics suited for monitoring emission spectroscopy


The QE Pro is a high-sensitivity, miniature, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer that features 18-bit A/D, a 15,000 spectra onboard buffer, thermoelectric detector control, and TEC cooling.

3SAE Technologies introduces large-diameter bend-proof tester


A large-diameter bend-proof tester can test the mechanical splice strength of large-diameter fibers measuring 250 micron to 1 mm

Can germanium replace silicon in mid-infrared group IV photonics?

ORC wants to find out: Can germanium replace silicon in mid-infrared group IV photonics?

03/24/2014 A new research project led by a group at the University of Southampton's Optoelectronics Research Centre (Southampton, England) is aiming to establish whether germanium (Ge), a group IV semiconductor, can be used as the materia...

Thermo Scientific's Raman imaging microscope reveals imagery of molecular structure


The features of the DXRxi Raman imaging microscope include automatic alignment and calibration and near-instant visual chemical profiling.

Diffuse correlation spectroscopy monitors cerebral blood flow for individualized stroke care

Diffuse correlation spectroscopy monitors cerebral blood flow for individualized stroke care

03/21/2014 Using a device designed at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA) that noninvasively and continuously monitors cerebral blood flow (CBF) in acute stroke patients, researchers from Penn Medicine and the Department of ...

Daylight launches QCL-based IR microscope for real-time spectral imaging


Daylight Solutions launched what they are calling the world's first commercially available laser-based infrared microscopy platform with real-time spectral capability.

Rebecca Richards-Kortum named OSA's 2014 Feld Biophotonics Award winner


The Optical Society (OSA) has selected Rebecca Richards-Kortum of Rice University as the recipient of the 2014 Michael S. Feld Biophotonics Award.

SPIE recognizes accomplishments by individuals and teams in photonics

03/19/2014 For outstanding individual and team technical accomplishments and service to SPIE (Bellingham, WA), the society is presenting several annual awards.   

Gravitational wave discovery supports cosmic expansion from the Big Bang


Detection of gravitational waves by the BICEP2 experiment at the South Pole supports the cosmic inflation theory of how the universe came to be per the theoretical work of Stanford's Andrei Linde.

Hyperspectral microscope can view molecular-level protein-protein interactions in living cells


Researchers at the University of New Mexico have designed a hyperspectral microscope (HSM) able to visualize molecular-level protein-protein interactions in living cells.

Flow cytometry helps discover new stem cell in human skin


Scientists from the University of Auckland's Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery in New Zealand have, using flow cytometry, discovered new cells with stem cell properties in human skin.

MAST cavity-ring-down spectroscopy-based sensor to detect oil-drilling tracer nanoparticles

03/17/2014 Through its subsidiary Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies (MAST), Micromem Technologies (CSE:MRM) (OTCBB:MMTIF) has executed a memorandum of understanding with Entanglement Technologies, a California based research and develo...

LIBS used to detect carcinogenic chromium in synthetic hair dye

03/13/2014 A group at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals (Dhahran, Saudi Arabia) has created a laser-induced-breakdown spectroscopic (LIBS) instrument that can be used to measure the level of chromium in synthetic hair dyes

Impedance spectroscopy helps test for blood sugar noninvasively

03/13/2014 Recognizing that current methods for diabetes patients to measure their blood sugar are painful and inconvenient, an international team of researchers have—using a spectroscopic technique—developed what they call an entirely no...
SpectralFinder software processes hyperspectral data in real time

SpectralFinder software processes hyperspectral data in real time

03/12/2014 Hyperspectral cameras can produce data at rates of up to one gigabyte per minute. To handle rates like this, engineers at Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB have created the Spect...

Laser Diodes: Laser diode operation 101: A user’s guide

03/10/2014 As laser technology proliferates, end users are coming into contact with lasers for the first time, and are unfamiliar with the unique and unintuitive requirements of operating a laser safely, effectively, and consistently.

Motion Control: Starbugs: Piezoelectric robots enable next-generation astronomy


Miniature self-actuated robots called "Starbugs" position fiber-optic probes anywhere across a large telescope's primary focus; hundreds of these positioners can be in use at the same time.

Photonics Products: Microscopes: Industrial microscopes aid precision manufacturing


The fine tolerances required in many branches of modern industry naturally lead to the use of microscopes for inspection, assembly, and characterization.

Photonic Frontiers: Quantum Computing: In pursuit of quantum computing


After two decades of research, we now have a variety of qubits and other building blocks for quantum computing -- but we have a long way to go before we can apply the full power of quantum computers to real-world problems.

The EOS spectrometer: A successful transatlantic co-operation


EOS is a broadband optical absorption spectrometer manufactured by Ultrafast Systems LLC (Sarasota, FL) for characterizing transient chemical species with lifetimes in the sub-nanosecond to multi-millisecond time window.

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Ultra-narrowband optical bandpass filters with large format and improved temperature stability

Hard coated ultra-narrowband optical filters made using modern plasma processes offer much improved transmission, temperature stability and out of band block...

Moxtek ICE Cube™ polarizing beamsplitter

The Moxtek ICE CubeTM polarizing beamsplitter (PBS) product performance is compared to a MacNeille PBS cube.  Cube beamsplitters are found in a variety ...

Actuator Precision Characterization

Zaber’s computer-controlled positioning devices use stepper motors, which allow accurate position control without requiring an encoder. In order to get the b...

High-power visible spectrum diode lasers for display and medical applications – beam sources with tailored beam quality and spectral characteristics

In this paper we report on the further progress of fiber coupled high power diode lasers in the visible spectral range with regard to beam quality and spectr...

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