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NASA looking at analog FFT digital processor for wavefront sensing

11/30/2012 Greenbelt, MD--NASA researcher Jonathan Pellish, a researcher at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, is working on a computing technology of yesteryear -- analog, rather than digital, data processing -- as an approach to more-q...

Basque researchers improve real-time 3D image capture


Usurbil, Gipuzkoa, Spain--Researchers at the UPNA-Public University of Navarre in the Basque Country have developed an improved algorithm for capturing 3D images in near real time.

Laser Focus World Weekly Newscast: November 26, 2012


This week, a 3D light switch targets hundreds of individual neurons, NASA uses laser additive manufacturing to make rocket parts, and bacterial DNA sequencing controls an MRSA outbreak for the first time.

Laser Focus World Weekly Newscast: November 19, 2012


This week, a bio-inspired GRIN lens may lead to better eye implants, a new infrared supercontinuum laser enables seeing the invisible, and the VISION 2012 show gives cause to celebrate machine vision.

Laser Focus World Weekly Newscast: November 12, 2012

11/12/2012 For this edition, Microsoft Kinect moves beyond the gaming world to control optical tweezers; a silicon photonics national action plan develops in Canada; and a Raman spectrometer will be able to tell apart 10 different types o...

Single-photon avalanche photodiode array chip has onboard signal processing

11/07/2012 Duisburg, Germany--The Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS is a member of a team that has advanced the development of CMOS technology and introduced an ultrasensitive CMOS-compatible image sensor b...

Laser Focus World Weekly Newscast: November 5, 2012


This week, the year 2015 is declared the International Year of Light, a laser-activated bio-adhesive could replace traditional sutures, and a team of researchers garner funding to advance atom-optics technologies.

Kinect Holohands technology controls optical tweezers


Dundee, Scotland--Researchers at the University of Dundee have developed HoloHands technology that uses Kinect to control optical tweezers.

FaceFirst partners with Samsung on rapid facial recognition

11/02/2012 Capable of matching faces at a rate of a million comparisons per second (per server) against a database of known terrorists, criminals, or persons of interest, a new military-grade facial recognition system from FaceFirst LLC g...

UNESCO declares 2015 the International Year of Light


Washington, DC and Bellingham, WA--Both OSA and SPIE are pleased that UNESCO has declared 2015 the International Year of Light.

Field of view app from Resolve Optics features preinstalled sensor formats


The FOV Calc App iPhone application simplifies lens field-of-view calculations.

Spectrometer software from Applied Instrument Technologies collects calibration spectra


SpectraQ Analytical Software is for use with the company’s Analect FTIR and FT-NIR instruments and sampling accessories for routine laboratory analysis and instrument validation.

Smartphone imaging software from MU tracks battlefield (or sports field) targets


Columbia, MO--MU researchers developed new software using the GPS and imaging abilities of a smartphone to track moving objects from the battlefield to the football field.

Modeling software from COMSOL features a nonlinear solver


Multiphysics 4.3 software includes modules for nonlinear structural materials, pipe flow, and corrosion.

SOFTWARE & COMPUTING: Simulating active photonic materials becomes easy


To reduce multimillion dollar investments in equipment, facilities, and labor costs, it is necessary to advance and invent new computational algorithms with enhanced flexibility and accuracy.

Open-source platform advances biomedical-image processing

08/31/2012 Madrid, Spain and Cambridge, MA--Ignacio Arganda, a researcher from San Sebastián de los Reyes working for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and his team have implemented Fiji, a software-sharing platform that al...

Commercial smartphone software to use hand vein patterns for authentication

08/31/2012 Tokyo, Japan--Smartphone software is growing more sophisticated in exploiting phone cameras' capabilities. The latest example of this is vein scanning for authentication: Universal Robot Co. and Softbank Mobile Corp. announced ...

MathWorks and FLIR partner to speed thermal imaging FPGA development


Natick, MA--MathWorks announced that FLIR used MathWorks' MATLAB and HDL Coder software to reduce thermal imaging FPGA development time by 60%.

Visual data mining software identifies unique features--why Paris looks like Paris


Pittsburgh, PA--Researchers have developed visual data mining software that can automatically detect subtle features that go beyond landmarks to identify cities or other visually unique locations.

Leica Microsystems microscope iPad app enables image transfer in real time


The DMshare app allows wireless recording and sharing of microscope images via iPad.

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