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Next-generation optical discs are on the way


A new generation of high-capacity optical discs is coming, and it marks an important change in direction for an application that has accounted for a large portion of all the lasers in existence.

A good week for the WWW, OFC, and silicon photonics

03/14/2014 March is the traditional date for the OFC Conference and Expo and, in March 1989 Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist working at CERN, submitted a proposal to develop a radical new way of linking and sharing information over the intern...

SpectralFinder software processes hyperspectral data in real time

03/12/2014 Hyperspectral cameras can produce data at rates of up to one gigabyte per minute. To handle rates like this, engineers at Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB have created the Spect...

Quanta everywhere

03/10/2014 I recently heard a fascinating lecture by Seth Lloyd, director of the W.M. Keck Center for Extreme Quantum Information Theory at MIT and author of Programming the Universe, which describes how the universe computes using an int...

VPIphotonics presents pluggable toolkit with library of DSP algorithms


The toolkit is designed for the VPItransmissionMaker Optical Systems version 9.1 simulation platform for optical transmission systems.

Business Forum: A vibrant European photonics ecosystem


Here, I interview Carlos Lee, director general of the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) to broaden our understanding of what is going on in our field in Europe.

FLIR Systems' thermal imaging camera core integrates into tablets and other devices


The Lepton thermal imaging camera core uses a lens fabricated in wafer form, a microbolometer focal-plane array, and advanced thermal image processing on an ASIC.

Synopsys acquires Brandenburg for automotive lighting software portfolio


Mountain View, CA--Synopsys has acquired Brandenburg, maker of the LucidShape line of CAD software for the design of automotive forward, rear and signal lighting and reflectors, as well as for general lighting.

Software improves IR image interpretation


Designed to accompany thermal imaging products from Teletherm Infrared, ThermReview infrared (IR) image-processing software improves thermal image interpretation in multiple ways, according to the company.

GSI Group set to acquire Jadak Technologies for $93.5M


Bedford, MA--GSI Group has reached an agreement to acquire Jadak Technologies for $93.5 million in cash.

Oxford Instruments acquires Andor, expands into nano-bio arena


Abingdon, England--Andor will continue to focus on growing their existing core markets and will spearhead Oxford Instruments' strategic expansion into the nano-bio arena.

Healthcare, manufacturing, security, and 3D display tools among 2014 Prism Award winners

02/07/2014 San Francisco, CA--On the evening of February 5, 2014, nine companies were recognized for their outstanding new products in the annual Prism Awards for Photonics Innovation, held in conjunction with SPIE Photonics West 2014.

BUSINESS FORUM: Getting investor attention


Here, I interview John Dexheimer, president of LightWave Advisors, who has advised over 100 financings or partnerships in photonics, Internet/software, communications, and electronics.

Laser market to exceed $11B by 2017, says Strategies Unlimited

02/04/2014 Mountain View, CA--Strategies Unlimited has released its annual market research report, "The Worldwide Market for Lasers," which foresees revenue growth of 4.9% from 2012 to 2017 for the total laser market, bolstered ...

JDSU acquires ultrafast laser maker Time-Bandwidth Products

01/30/2014 Milpitas, CA--JDSU has acquired Time-Bandwidth Products, a provider of high-powered and ultrafast lasers for the industrial and scientific markets.

Ptychography method uses phase information for high-contrast, label-free imaging


Sheffield, England--Researchers at the University of York have published a paper in Nature detailing their work on patented ptychography imaging technology from Phasefocus.

SPIE BiOS and SPIE Photonics West 2014 preview: Optics and photonics continue to innovate

01/27/2014 This year’s SPIE Photonics West, North America’s leading optics and photonics conference and exhibition, is expected to draw the largest crowd to date, as presenters, exhibitors, and attendees gather to discuss and learn about ...

Cambridge Technology to showcase integrated digital laser scanning solutions at SPIE Photonics West 2014


Lightning II digital scanning solutions provide speed and accuracy for microprocessing, 3D manufacturing, and advanced material processing applications.

General Photonics to display polarimeter at SPIE BiOS and SPIE Photonics West 2014


The POD-201 polarimeter has uses in high-speed polarization analysis and monitoring.

Lambda Research to showcase optical design software at SPIE Photonics West 2014

01/20/2014 TracePro v7.4 optical design software offers photorealistic rendering using photon mapping to depict scenes, sources, light pipes, and instrument panels, as well as a solar tracking capability in the solar emulator with uniaxia...

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Handheld Spectrometers

Spectroscopy is a powerful and versatile tool that traditionally often required a large and bulky instrument. The combination of compact optics and modern pa...

Fracking, climate change, and lasers:  new tools to reduce fugitive methane emissions

This webcast, sponsored by Hamamatsu Corporation, covers recent developments and field deployments of compact quantum-cascade-laser (QCL)-based methane senso...

Opportunities in the Mid-IR

The technology for exploiting the mid-IR is developing rapidly:  it includes quantum-cascade lasers and other sources, spectroscopic instruments of many...

Fiber Optic Sensors – Fundamentals, Principles and Applications

In this webcast, sponsored by Nufern, we focus on optical fiber sensing technology.  Fundamental concepts will be presented first, followed by the under...

White Papers

Narrow-line fiber-coupled modules for DPAL pumping

A new series of fiber coupled diode laser modules optimized for DPAL pumping is presented, featuring greater than 400W from a 600µm core fiber of 0.22NA. Add...

Accurate LED Source Modeling Using TracePro

Modern optical modeling programs allow product design engineers to create, analyze, and optimize LED sources and LED optical systems as a virtual prototype p...

Optical Isolators Improve Engraving Performance of Pulsed Fiber Lasers

The deleterious effects of back reflections on pulsed fiber lasers used in marking and engraving are well-known. This paper looks at some of those conditions...

Scalable and modular diode laser architecture for fiber coupling that combines high-power, high-brightness, and low weight

The demand for high-power and high-brightness fiber coupled diode laser devices is mainly driven by applications for solid-state laser pumping and materials ...

Technical Digests

WAVELENGTH-SWEPT LASERS: Dispersion-tuned fiber laser sweeps over a 140 nm range for OCT

By eliminating the use of mechanical tunable filters and instead tuning by intensity-modulation in a highly dispersive laser cavity, a fiber laser sweeps a 1...

Keeping pace with developments in Raman spectroscopy for molecular and nanoparticle research

For demanding or custom spectroscopy solutions, care must be taken in selecting and integrating a number of critical electro-optical components. Development ...

HIGH-POWER FIBER LASERS: Working in the kilowatt regime

High-power materials-processing fiber lasers are available in an increasing variety of forms, as well as outputs up to 100 kW.  The technologies behind ...

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